Saturday, May 15, 2010

Businessman denies using Rupiah ties to exploit Lafarge

Businessman denies using Rupiah ties to exploit Lafarge
By George Chellah
Sat 15 May 2010, 03:10 CAT

Time Tracking managing director Umesh Patel has been accused of forcing some officials at Larfage Cement to give him business on account that he is one of the financiers to the ruling MMD. But Patel yesterday dismissed the allegations as rubbish. According to sources at Larfarge, Patel has been boasting that he is very close to State House and President Rupiah Banda.

“In fact, Mr Umesh Patel has been threatening to cause the deportation of two senior managers at Lafarge using his connections with State House. It is not only Larfarge that is in trouble,” the source said.

“Umesh Patel has grown big-headed because he is very close to the President. In fact, we are aware that he was at State House yesterday (Thursday) in the company of two people. But this nonsense must be stopped. He is going round boasting that he supports the MMD financially and meets President Banda as and when he feels like so nothing can happen to him.

The other day he was boasting that he donated K48 million to the MMD. Even if Mr Patel is donating money to MMD, we do not think President Banda can allow his behaviour. It is possible Mr Patel is abusing the President’s name. We are not convinced that the President can condone that behaviour.”

But when reached for comment yesterday, Patel said: “I don’t think that’s right…oh my God! Whoever told that information to you, tell him to go to hell because that’s all wrong. Okay, phone me on Monday when I am in town.”

When further pressed to give his comment over the matter, Patel answered: “It’s all rubbish!”

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