Thursday, June 03, 2010

PF-UPND pact sends officials to Luena

PF-UPND pact sends officials to Luena
By Florence Bupe
Thu 03 June 2010, 04:50 CAT

OPPOSITION PF and UPND officials had been dispatched to Luena constituency to assess the situation on the ground in order to help the pact make beneficial decisions, UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma has disclosed.

Kakoma said a number of people had applied to be considered for the seat but stressed that the two parties were yet to decide on which candidate to field. Kakoma could also not disclose from which party the candidate would be selected, as there were still factors that needed to be studied.

“We haven’t yet decided on which party ticket we are going to field a candidate. We will only be able to do so once the team we have sent returns and gives us the real picture on the ground,” said Kakoma.

He said the electorate in Luena had completely written off the MMD and the party stood no chance of scooping the seat.

Kakoma said it was clear that the people of Luena had no confidence in the ruling party and they were not going to vote for the MMD in the next by- elections.

The Luena seat fell vacant following the resignation of Charles Milupi who was an independent member of parliament.

“We are confident that we will scoop the Luena seat because people there have no confidence in the MMD, they have completely written the ruling party off,” he said.

Kakoma said the electorate in Luena were also very disappointed by the decision by Milupi to resign after he formed a political party, the Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD).

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