Thursday, July 08, 2010

Demands for my expulsion is political nuisance - Mpombo

Demands for my expulsion is political nuisance - Mpombo
By Mwila Chansa in Kitwe
Wed 07 July 2010, 15:20 CAT

KAFULAFUTA MMD member of parliament George Mpombo has rubbished as political nuisance the move by MMD Masaiti district leadership to write to the national executive demanding his expulsion from the party.

And MMD’s Masaiti district chairperson Mandela Nkole confirmed his executive’s decision to write to MMD’s NEC demanding Mpombo’s immediate expulsion.

Commenting on the decision in an interview, Mpombo described the move as political nuisance of no value who and should not be taken seriously and wondered why Nkole was jittery about his presence in the constituency.

He has since cautioned Nkole and all those calling for a by-election in his constituency describing any such move as political suicide for the party.

“It was Mr. Nkole and his group which used to mislead Lusaka that I should be expelled from the party because I do not go to the constituency but now that am on the ground in the constituency, they are feeling the heat and they are complaining,” he said. “Why are they complaining?”

Mpombo said he would continue being in his constituency to inspect projects and spearhead development and that he would not allow Nkole to interfere.

“He Nkole is a confused little chap,” he said.

On Nkole’s statement that he Mpombo should back a candidate in the district elections to prove his popularity, Mpombo said he had no such intentions.

He said the district elections were not a matter of concern to him and wondered why Nkole and his group held a ‘dark corner’ meeting on Saturday last week to try and canvass support if they were popular.

He maintained that he was a member of the MMD and that he would proceed with doing what he thought was right.

Mpombo advised Nkole to desist from misleading the party leadership in Lusaka adding that it would be suicidal for anyone to call for a by-election in Kafulafuta.

And Nkole disclosed that his executive has written to the party’s National Executive Committee demanding Mpombo’s expulsion.

Area MMD chairperson Mandela Nkole confirmed the action in a telephone interview.

Nkole revealed that his executive met at Shamilimo Lodge where they unanimously resolved to have Mpombo along with Mutaba ward councillor David Kalutwa expelled from the party.

Nkole said Kafulafuta and Masaiti constituency officials, district officials as well as Copperbelt Province MMD chairman Joseph Chilambwe attended the meeting.

He accused Mpombo of de-campaigning President Rupiah Banda and the party in Kafulafuta.

“Mr. Mpombo is no longer MMD because whenever he goes round the constituency, he does not speak development. He is always attacking President Banda and the party leadership,” he said.

“So as Masaiti District, we feel that Mr. Mpombo should be expelled from the party. We have already submitted a letter to NEC asking them to expel Mr. Mpombo.”

Nkole claimed that Mpombo’s attacks on the party leadership were retrogressive and that he always made alarming statements about his superiors President Banda and Vice President George Kunda.

He added that the party in Masaiti was in support of MMD youths in Lusaka who wanted to block Mpombo from going to Parliament.

Nkole further invited Mpombo to back a candidate of his choice in tomorrow’s district elections if at all he was as popular as he purported.

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