Friday, July 02, 2010

DRC envoy sees new stability as good for investment

DRC envoy sees new stability as good for investment
By Moses Kuwema
Thu 01 July 2010, 15:40 CAT

DEMOCRATIC Republic of Congo (DRC) Ambassador to Zambia Floribert Kaseba Makunko has said the return and consolidation of peace in his country will allow the government to pursue its prioritised investment programmes.

During the DRC 50th independence anniversary at his residence on Wednesday, Ambassador Makunko said the programmes were centred on the five building sectors or areas, which were launched by President Joseph Kabila.

“These programmes focus on transport, education and health infrastructures, generation and distribution of water and electricity, as well as that related to the information and communication technology,” Ambassador Makunko said.

He said with the help of the international community, such as the Bretton Woods institutions and China, the DRC had started seeing the first fruits of the economic and financial efforts of the government.

“Concerning the bilateral relations between Zambia and the DRC, we have to salute the peace and the spirit of dialogue that characterise these two brother countries as well as the structural and functional mechanisms of addressing our differences,” Ambassador Makunko said.

He said the heads of state from the two countries had created the most favourable conditions for a peaceful coexistence, cooperation and integration through their good personal relations and their identity on bilateral issues and those concerning the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the Great Lakes Region.

And local government minister Dr Eustarckio Kazonga said tribute must be paid to the Congolese leaders and people who deployed tireless efforts to achieve national reconciliation and demonstrated their steadfast determination and commitment to rebuilding the country.

“We further pay homage to those who have assisted in mending the relations between and among the former enemies. Zambia also salutes all the cooperating partners that have stood by and accompanied the DRC throughout the most difficult periods of its history,” he said.

Dr Kazonga said the relations between Zambia and the DRC had grown stronger over the years.

“This state of our relations must encourage us to look forward to the removal of impediments such as visas, the conclusion of a bilateral trade agreement in order to facilitate the free movement of goods and services, and to the protection of investments in each other’s countries, among others,” said Dr Kazonga.

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