Thursday, July 29, 2010

No sensible person can make Chiluba a companion - Milupi

No sensible person can make Chiluba a companion - Milupi
By Mwala Kalaluka in Luena
Thu 29 July 2010, 12:20 CAT

CHARLES Milupi has observed that President Rupiah Banda has been a reckless and playful leader from the time he assumed office.

Addressing campaign meetings in the Barotse Flood plain domiciled Salondo, Makuku and Nalusheke areas of Luena Constituency on Monday and Tuesday, Milupi, who is re-contesting the Luena seat on the Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) ticket, said President Banda was running a corrupt government.

He said President Banda had been a playful president from the very first day in office because there is no sensible person who could make Frederick Chiluba their bosom companion.

Milupi said he could not stomach such poor leadership.

He said President Banda and Vice-President George Kunda were wasting time in Luena because he would trounce them come August 5.

“The corruption in the MMD government is like someone putting water in a basket; it is free for all,” Milupi said.

“That is the problem when you get somebody who is careless and had not been well brought up to run the country. Ever since Chiluba took up government even to vote for you someone has to ask for money.”

Milupi urged the people of Luena to reject President Banda because he was frolicking around with corrupt elements and in the process he had desecrated late Levy Mwanawasa’s grave.

“Rupiah Banda is now in Chiluba’s bosom,” he said.

“Since Mwanawasa died you have not heard Chiluba has gone to South Africa. He has recovered from his heart condition.”

Milupi said no vote rigging would be entertained in Luena.

“They should be told the truth, because it is like we Lozis do not know when we have been wronged. Western Province is undergoing transformation,” Milupi said.

“We do not realize when people have offended and that is why they have even entered our skirts.”

Milupi said the MMD were desperate to win Luena because they realized that a loss could spell their doom in Western Province.

And addressing people that he did not expect to receive him at Mongu Airstrip, President Rupiah Banda who was in Mongu to campaign for the MMD candidate in the Luena by-election, Mwangala Maopu, said even if Luena residents voted for Milupi he would still be the same non-ruling party parliamentarian.

“You all know that we did not ask for this by-election but it was asked for by their candidate, somebody whom they themselves had voted for as their member of parliament. That is why we are here today,” President Banda said.

“Of course Mr Milupi was elected by the people of Luena after he was not selected by the MMD.”

President Banda said the MMD worked very well with Milupi in Parliament initially.

“At the beginning he showed a lot of respect for the MMD as that party that the people had chosen here in Western Province,” President Banda said. “But suddenly he changed and he started to attack the MMD. I want to thank him for this opportunity, which he has given us the MMD to have a second chance to get the seat he gave to us voluntarily. We did not ask him. No one pushed him. I do not remember any of the people here saying they did not want Mr Milupi anymore but perhaps he has some ideas in his mind.”

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