Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PF, UPND in deadlock

PF, UPND in deadlock
By George Chellah
Wed 14 July 2010, 08:30 CAT

THE PF and UPND pact on Monday failed to resolve the Kaoma Central and Chadiza local government by-elections confusion. The working group comprising members from both parties met to try and resolve the crisis but they reached a deadlock.

During the meeting, there were suggestions to have PF withdraw its candidate in Kaoma Central and also for UPND to do the same in Chadiza. UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma yesterday confirmed that the working group’s meeting did not conclude the issue.

“Yes, the working group of UPND and PF met yesterday to try to resolve the issue which erupted over the filing in Kaoma and Chadiza and we are looking at the best way of resolving that problem,” Kakoma said.

“We are looking at various options. The important thing is that we realised that it should not have happened that way and we are trying to find solutions. We made progress yesterday and because of the progress we made yesterday we have resolved that we meet tomorrow (today).”

Kakoma said the important thing was that the leadership was committed to ensure that the Pact succeeds.

“Both HH and Sata have stated that there is need for the Pact to continue. What transpired in Kaoma and Chadiza should not be the reason to break the Pact. We have resolved bigger issues before than what transpired in Chadiza and Kaoma,” Kakoma said.

“We have in the past been presented with situations where both PF and UPND claim that we are more popular and we resolved these problems for example, in Milanzi, Solwezi Central and Luena.”

Kakoma said the working group should have resolved the current problem before nominations.

“We missed that opportunity to resolve. We have got the responsibility that that problem in Kaoma and Chadiza is resolved,” said Kakoma.

And PF spokesperson Given Lubinda also confirmed that the meeting would continue today.

Asked to confirm the deadlock over the Kaoma central and Chadiza local government elections and the proposal to have both parties withdraw their candidates, Lubinda responded: “That suggestion is amongst the many others. It’s not the only option. There are various options.”

The working group members that attended the meeting from the UPND side include Kakoma, Siavonga UPND member of parliament Douglas Siyakalima, Mapatizya UPND member of parliament Ackson Sejani and a party official, Chinyama Masela. The PF team comprised Lubinda, Nchanga member of parliament Wylbur Simusa, Mandevu member of parliament Jean Kapata and PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba.



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