Monday, August 09, 2010

Mpombo deserves to be in jail - Mulongoti

Mpombo deserves to be in jail - Mulongoti
By Justine Kawisha in Mazabuka
Sun 08 Aug. 2010, 04:00 CAT

WORKS and supply minister Mike Mulongoti has said George Mpombo deserves to be in jail. And Mulongoti has said Mpombo is being haunted by his decision to leave office as defence minister.

Featuring on Radio Mazabuka’s livewire programme yesterday, Mulongoti said Kafulafuta MMD member of parliament Mpombo was going through rough waters because of his decision to leave the government. Mulongoti said it was surprising that Mpombo, who held the third highest position from the Republican president, could leave office in unexplained circumstances.

“How do you resign from government when you are number three, because from Minister of Defence, you are Vice-President and then President? What else did he want?” Mulongoti wondered.

He said Mpombo deserved what he was going through because he was fond of bouncing cheques and insulting others.

“He has given me bouncing cheques before but I never reported him to the police because he is my brother but now he is even insulting the Vice-president. What kind of person is he? I know he calls me names because I defeated him in Lufwanyama in 1995, but you see the problem with Mpombo is that apart from completing form five, he has not done anything except reading and memorizing the dictionary,” Mulongoti said.

On his earlier statement prior to Mpombo’s conviction that the former defence minister would need him once in jail, Mulongoti said there was nothing wrong with him promising assistance to Mpombo because they were brothers.

Mulongoti said it was not a crime to assist Mpombo during this time when he is incarcerated.

Mpombo was on Friday convicted by the Ndola magistrates court for issuing a cheque on an insufficiently funded account. Mpombo would be sentenced tomorrow.

During the case in March this year, Mulongoti had asked Mpombo to desist from provoking him because he would need him once in jail.

Mulongoti was then summoned to appear before court by Ndola chief resident magistrate Kelvin Limbani.

When he appeared in court, Mulongoti apologized to Mpombo and the state for his remarks.

Last year in July, Mpombo resigned as defence minister and MMD national executive committee (NEC) chairman for energy.

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