Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Rupiah is a liar, charges Sejani

Rupiah is a liar, charges Sejani
By Mwala Kalaluka in Luena
Wed 04 Aug. 2010, 04:01 CAT

RUPIAH is a liar, UPND chairperson for elections Ackson Sejani has charged. And some Limulunga residents openly objected when UPND deputy chairperson for mines and minerals Namakau Kaingu urged them to give the candidate for the Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) in the Luena by-election, Charles Milupi, zero votes in Thursday’s poll.

During a well-attended public rally addressed by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema at Limulunga Basic School on Monday, Sejani, who is also Mapatizya member of parliament, said President Banda was a liar who had taken thieves and plunderers into State House.

“Where I come from in Kalomo we have no time for thieves, we have no time for liars, we have no time for the MMD, we have no time for George Kunda, we have no time for Rupiah because they are liars,” Sejani told a cheering crowd. “The reason why late president Levy Mwanawasa was buried a decent man is because he attempted to put aside liars, plunderers and thieves. Rupiah Banda has brought plunderers and thieves into State House.”

Sejani then asked the crowd if they would tolerate thieves and liars to be in-charge of the country and the audience responded that they did not want such a situation.

“Don’t waste your time or your vote by voting for this useless government,” Sejani said. “How can you continue to vote for a useless government, which is not keeping its promises? In Mapatizya we will not vote for Rupiah Banda because he is a liar. It is only here in Luena where you can entertain a liar. He comes here, he stands here and you clap for him. In Kalomo we have no time for Rupiah because he is a bloody liar.”

Sejani urged the people of Luena to be very angry.

“I want you the people of Luena to be angry now, to be annoyed because they are fooling you. Are you going to vote for MMD on Thursday,” Sejani asked as the crowd gave a resounding, no.

Sejani urged Milupi to learn to be humble.

“Leading government is not a one man show. We need all of us,” said Sejani. “Politics is about being humble. Listen to advice from old people, young people, from everybody, you will be a better politician.”

And when Kaingu asked the crowd to give Milupi zero votes tomorrow, a section of the crowd immediately in front of the podium openly disagreed with her.

“Bo Milupi lubafe noto we should give zero to Milup),” said Kaingu.

A few seconds later the ADD’s rain falling slogan of ‘cuuuu’ emanated from some vantages within the crowd.

When the crowd was told to give the MMD and President Banda zero votes on Thursday, the crowd responded positively.

The situation compelled the masters of ceremony, Sibote Sibote to call on the UPND youths to take position and ensure that no one made ‘noises’ at the rally.

The campaign manager for the UPND in the by-election, Captain Walusiku Liambela said she was encouraged by the number of people that attended the rally.

UPND vice-president Francis Simenda said it was not true that some delegates from Western Province were beaten at the convention that saw the election of Hichilema as party president prior to the 2006 elections.

And addressing the crowd, an ecstatic Hichilema said the MMD was killing the people of Western Province through its failure to provide proper health services.

Hichilema said it was sad that at Limulunga Health Centre, patients and corpses were being carried on the same stretcher.

“The MMD has failed. The MMD has destroyed Zambia,” said Hichilema. “How can you have development in Luena when there is no road?”

All the five political parties contesting the Luena by-election have stepped up their campaigns ahead of the poll while the ECZ has engaged a chopper that is distributing electoral materials in the mostly hard-to-reach areas of the vast constituency.

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