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Zambians will recover what belongs to them – Sata

Zambians will recover what belongs to them – Sata
By Patson Chilemba
Fri 27 Aug. 2010, 09:50 CAT

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Michael Sata has thanked President Rupiah Banda for confirming that he had no programme for the country when he assumed the presidency. And Sata said not all was lost on the corruption fight against former president Frederick Chiluba, saying Zambians will soon recover what was stolen from them.

Commenting on President Banda’s statement that his presidency was an example of a miracle from God, Sata thanked President Banda for being sincere.

“He is sincere and honest by telling the Zambian people that he had no programme of running this country, it was imposed on him. It was bequeathed on him when he was not ready. And because of that, that is why he has been very casual, he travels aimlessly,” Sata said.

“He enjoys going everywhere and the things which other people built with sweat he just gets rid of them like Zamtel, optic fibre. And everything he brings can show that the man has no programme. He doesn’t care for this country.”

Sata said President Banda’s statement also showed that he did not belong to any political party because he was just awakened from retirement. He said because he came from retirement, President Banda had in the same vein appointed retirees to control sensitive positions in the country.

Sata said President Banda had even failed to show appreciation to late president Levy Mwanawasa who privileged him with the appointment of vice-president.

“He has abandoned everything for the person who woke him because if he appreciated what Mwanawasa did to him, he should have respected Mwanawasa’s legacy. But he is an opportunist,” he said.

Addressing a joint public meeting with Namwala UPND member of parliament Robbie Chizhyuka in Namwala on Tuesday, President Banda said miracles were read about in the Bible and that they do happen.

He said he had retired to his farm in Chipata when president Mwanawasa invited him to become Republican vice-president.

President Banda said today he was President, and that was an example of a miracle that could happen to someone. On President Banda’s statement that 20 of his 42 members of parliament had left him, Sata said the ‘rebel’ PF members of parliament President Banda was relying on had no political influence.

He said in Nchanga, a former PF rebel Charles Chimumbwa cheated president Mwanawasa that he was popular, but the PF overwhelmingly recovered that seat. Sata said the same happened in Kasama, which was a rebel held area but PF emerged victorious.

“And we went to Chifubu that was another rebel held territory, we recovered it without any difficulties. And I would advise him, he is very close to them PF rebel MPs, why doesn’t he tell them to resign? If they want they can resign enmass,” Sata said.

“And the 20 he is talking about, they are not 20. He should go to night school. They are 14 so where does he get the 20 from? That is what he would wish to have. He is saying 20 probably because he is adding Chizhyuka, and MMD members of parliament George Mpombo, Ng’andu Magande.”

On the government’s refusal to appeal High Court judge Evans Hamaundu’s decision to allow Chiluba go scot-free by failing to register the London High Court judgment against him and others, Sata reminded the nation that the Attorney General, Abyud Shonga, who said he would not appeal the case was the same man who represented President Banda in the presidential petition case.

“The fact that the Supreme Court did not grant a recount, Abyud Shonga was rewarded by Rupiah Banda. And Rupiah Banda asked the people of Zambia to accept the judgment. If Rupiah Banda says ‘don’t accept’, who is Shonga to go beyond Rupiah Banda?” he asked.

Sata asked Zambians not to lose hope because they would recover the money that was stolen from them. He said the Zambian people were very determined.

Sata said the people liberated themselves from the hands of foreigners, from the federation of Nyasaland and Rhodesia and the one-party system.

“This is not the end. We are not very far away. The Zambian people cannot be fooled by miracles. The Zambian people will be liberated one day and will recover what belongs to them,” he said.

On first lady Thandiwe’s campaigns for the MMD, Sata said a truth commission would be established once the PF was elected into office.
He said Thandiwe would be made to account for the taxpayers’ money she was using in the campaigns.

“She has no NGO, so why should she be spared. In fact, why doesn’t Rupiah Banda start his campaigns in Matero and Chawama where his wife does not need to use a government helicopter?” asked Sata.

“I am challenging her to deny if she hasn’t given K5 million to registered women’s clubs in Nakonde and K2.5 million to those who are not registered. She has left K40 million in Nakonde. She is saying that Rupiah Banda has sent her and given her the money to give to women. She has spent all this money to de-campaign Lameck Chibombamilo and campaign for her husband. She is going with bloody money and people are not interested in bloody money.”

And one of the women who is a beneficiary of the donations but refused to be mentioned said Thandiwe asked the women to repay President Banda by voting for him.

“She said the President has sent me that ‘please, please vote for us’ so that he can remain President and I will remain First Lady. She was in Nakonde yesterday Wednesday. From there today she is in Isoka saying the same things and giving women the money and Chitenges,” said the woman.
“On Friday, she will be in Chinsali and Saturday she will have a meeting with women in Mpika.”

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