Friday, September 17, 2010

Chona calls for responsive leadership

Chona calls for responsive leadership
By George Zulu in Monze
Fri 17 Sep. 2010, 04:00 CAT

ZAMBIA needs leaders who are not only Christian in name but have a wide and deep understanding of challenges facing the people, Mark Chona has observed.

Addressing hundreds of parishioners during the celebrations marking the 20th anniversary for Fr Cletus Mwiila’s priesthood at Chikuni parish in Monze last weekend, Chona said Zambia needed leaders who were Christians not in name only but those responsive to the cries of the people.

“The nation needs leaders who are Christ-like. We increasingly understand how tough it is to be a good shepherd. Your rich experience should help you to strengthen the Church’s ability to face challenging times ahead in our country for Zambia has never faced such a complex and potentially dangerous situation in its history,” he said.

Chona said it was regrettable that the country was experiencing the formation of political parties and churches, a scenario which he said seemed to be for monetary gain.

“Indeed it has become true, with so many ‘tu ntemba’ churches, that some people now use religion as pretext for financial and political ambitions. Ordinary and innocent people are bound to be confused.

There is real danger that more and more money, and I mean billions of kwacha, will be used to control people instead of improving their welfare. The rich will be more powerful and will in future seek to control and manipulate the institutions of democratic governance exploit the majority poor for whom the Church speaks,” Chona said.

He said the Church, as the body of Christ, could not be conformed to the world, adding that well-grounded priests who, like the liberation leaders who embodied Zambia’s founding principles of integrity, truth and honour, must remain vigilant and steadfast in defending the truth.

“For truth cannot be compromised. Lies, no matter how well laundered, cannot turn into truth. Yes, truth gains strength under pressure; stands the test of time and survives any compromise. There can be no compromise between right and wrong; good and evil. Jesus ,who taught with authority, often took a firm position, for example, when he chased those who turned His Father’s house into a den of thieves. I sincerely believe that when there is so much uncertainty and so much greed; it is time for the voice of conscience, the Church, to call the nation to order,” he said.

Chona said it was better to be condemned for doing the right thing than to be applauded for doing the wrong thing.

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