Thursday, September 16, 2010

MISA Board dissolves Zambian chapter governing council

MISA Board dissolves Zambian chapter governing council
By Moses Kuwema
Wed 15 Sep. 2010, 16:40 CAT

THE Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Trust Fund Board (TFB) has dissolved the current National Governing Council (NGC) of MISA Zambia chapter and has appointed Fanuel Chembo to look after the governance issues of the chapter up to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

During the briefing yesterday at MISA Zambia offices, TFB Chairperson Mandla Seleoane said the decision was done in the interest of the organization. Chembo recently retired as MISA Zambia’s executive director.

“We received a recommendation from the trustees of MISA Zambia to suspend all members of the National Governing Council and to appoint a caretaker to look after the governance issues of the chapter between now and the time of the chapter’s Annual General Meeting. Our response to the request was that such a drastic step should be taken as a last resort. I visited Lusaka on September 6 and September 8 pursuant to a resolution of the TFB at its meeting in Harare on July 25, 2010. During that visit I made an effort to reconcile the NGC colleagues. Whilst we were able to find one another in many respects, the question of leadership pending the AGM proved intractable,” Seleoane said.

He said the situation which prevailed prior to his visit to Lusaka last week was that they were two camps in the NGC which tended to meet separately of each other, and make decisions about the organization.

Seleoane said the situation was not only intolerable but was also untenable.

“In order to limit the recurrence of the current dispute in the new National Governing Council, the TFB has ruled that all those who currently make up the NGC will be ineligible to be elected at the forth coming AGM. The TFB appreciates the seriousness of this decision and states that the affected colleagues are barred from standing only in respect of this AGM,” Seleoane said.

He said the majority of the affected people had shown appreciation for them not to stand.

Seleoane said he was hopeful that they will continue to play an active and constructive role in the affairs of the chapter.

He said the AGM has since been moved from September 24 to October 25, 2010 and will be chaired by Gilbert Mudenda in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

“Regarding the question whether Mr Henry Kabwe committed any fraud, the TFB is satisfied that on all the documents and statements presented to it, there is no basis for the allegation. Indeed a case was made out for the view that principles of good governance were breached and we are setting up mechanisms to limit the possibility of such a thing happening again,” said Seleoane.

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