Friday, October 08, 2010

C/belt MMD backs Chibale on threats against Duffy

C/belt MMD backs Chibale on threats against Duffy
By Abigail Chaponda in Ndola
Fri 08 Oct. 2010, 04:00 CAT

MMD Ndola district vice publicity and information secretary Alex Mubanga has disclosed that Chiko Chibale’s militia action threats against Bishop Paul Duffy have the blessing of the party on the Copperbelt. But former Eastern Province MMD youth chairperson Luca Banda has advised Chibale to apologise to Bishop Duffy for threatening violence against him.

In an interview in Ndola yesterday, Mubanga, popularly known as Shimpundu Pankoloko said that the MMD was not going to sit and watch people insult President Rupiah Banda, and that Chibale was doing the right thing to warn people who speak ill of the head of state.

He warned all opposition parties and the Catholic Church to keep “their dirty hands off Chiko Chibale” because the MMD on the Copperbelt was going to ambush them.

“I want to warn anyone, especially the opposition and the Catholic Church to keep their dirty hands off Chiko Chibale. What Bishop Duffy said was wrong, MMD members were not happy. So this is the reason why Chiko is upset, people should not be insulting President Banda like that, it is wrong. What Chiko is doing has the blessing of the MMD on the Copperbelt,” he said.

Mubanga said that the MMD were also angered by Priestly order of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate treasurer general Fr Godfrey Mpundu’s statement that people of Western Province were better off voting for a frog than the impotent MMD.

“Does that man know what to be impotent is? I think he doesn’t and I know why. If the Catholic Church has nothing to offer any more they better keep quiet than insult the Republican President. President Banda is President of Zambia because God said so,” he said.

He said that the MMD was ready for anyone who is going to insult President Banda and that they (MMD) were not going to let anyone, not even the Catholic Church to insult President Banda.

He alleged that the people had lost respect for the Catholic Church because their teaching had changed from salvation to insults.

Mubanga said that he was disappointed with some priests in the Catholic Church and the way they were coming out on political issues and how they have decided to insult the President rather than preach unity.

“I am Catholic but I don’t support what some priests are doing. Bishop Mpundu was a well-respected man of God, but he is not anymore. The Catholic Church has lost value and respect and it is because of these same priests who are preaching insults,” he said.

“The Catholic Church should concentrate on preaching and not interfere with the country’s politics. The MMD on the Copperbelt are not going to fold their hands and watch people insult their President. We are ready for anyone. Keep you hands off Chiko; mess with him and you mess with every MMD member on the Copperbelt.”

Last week Chibale said he had no apologies to make over his threats to use MMD militia on the Copperbelt for which he is the commander to go and manhandle Bishop Duffy for stating that people of Western Province want a change of government.

And Mansa Catholic Diocese vicar-general Fr Mambwe Mpasa challenged President Banda and the MMD leadership to tell the nation if they were behind the MMD crack squad threatening violence on Bishop Duffy.

But Banda, in an interview, said Chibale should apologise to Bishop Duffy because politics was not about fighting.
“I would advise my brother to leave Duffy alone. We should not use blows or engage in any form of violence but we should just becampaigning.

I am not happy with that (Chibale’s) statement but again Duffy seem to be lost he is like a political vuvuzela, but he should leave him,” Banda said.
He said youths like Chibale should just be campaigning for President Rupiah Banda, not engaging in violent activities.

Banda said he would next month contest the Eastern Province youth chairmanship because the youth wing was dormant in the province.

“I was a youth chairperson before the current one but the youths are not working so I am coming back with full force to campaign for President Banda. We want to campaign for RB so that he can get more than 100 per cent votes in Eastern Province.

Youths are getting National Registration Cards so that they could also vote next year,” Banda said. And Petauke district Patriotic Front youth chairperson Grey Daka said those that are in politics should be ready to be criticised.
Daka urged Zambia to choose right people during next year's elections.

“We want leaders that can perform and are ready to be criticised because that’s why we have opposition political parties. To me I think it’s not good to threaten Bishop Duffy because those are the right people to advise the government. I ask people from the church like bishops, reverends, chiefs and other leaders to assist people choose right leaders next year,” Daka said.

He said many elected leaders in the province have not performed to expectations and that most of them were now frequenting their areas because of the general elections that were due next year.

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