Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kabwe town clerk ignored procedure, insists finance director

Kabwe town clerk ignored procedure, insists finance director
By Chibaula Silwamba
Sat 20 Nov. 2010, 04:00 CAT

KABWE Municipal Council finance director Kate Mukonde has maintained that town clerk Vivian Chikoti ignored tender procedures in awarding the contract worth over K700 million to a local firm to survey plots.

In her letter dated November 9, 2010 to Kabwe mayor Teddy Sinkala, challenging him over his defence of an illegal transaction in the awarding of the tender to Geopractica, Mukonde stated that Chikoti ignored her advice and awarded a contract to William Mhango of Geopractica, a local surveyor to survey all plots in Kabwe without the approval of the council.

“In addition, sir, the survey fee to be paid by successful applicants specified and agreed upon in the signed contract have not been approved by council nor were they deliberated or resolved upon by the FGP Finance and General Purposes committee or any council committee. The current survey fee is K860, 000 for high cost area residential, not the K1, 200, 000 specified and agreed in the contract which is contrary to the laws as the Local Government Act chapter 281 of the Laws of Zambia clearly state,” stated Mukonde’s letter obtained by The Post from Kabwe Municipal Council.

“Your worship, your statement to the press was not only inaccurate but unfair as you misinformed the public about me. I feel that it was unfair to state that I was quoted in the article published in The Post of November 6, 2010 as no such thing was done and at no time did I avail the information published in the press to the Post newspapers,” she stated.

Mukonde dismissed Sinkala’s claims that the money to pay the surveyor was budgeted for in the 2010 council budget.

“I wish to urge you to refer to the approved council budget for 2010 and you will find that there is nowhere where the council budgeted for the payment to the surveyor,” Mukonde stated.

“The figures you quoted are revenues budgeted to be received from development charges which have already been allocated to fuels, road equipment etc for opening up of roads in the new areas where plots have been given to the public and the budget is balanced.”

Mukonde’s letter, obtained by The Post from the Ministry of Local Government and Housing in Lusaka, was copied to local government and housing minister Dr Brian Chituwo and his permanent secretary, Central Province permanent secretary Denny Lumbama, among other officials.

Chikoti, when contacted, referred all queries to Sinkala.

When contacted, Sinkala said the committees and the full council approved the awarding of the tender.

“Even the minutes’ numbers are there. If you want you can come to Kabwe and we will give you the minutes,” said Sinkala.

According to earlier information obtained The Post, Mukonde had on several occasions advised Chikoti but the latter allegedly defied the guidance.

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