Saturday, November 13, 2010

Non-performers have weakened MMD - Kavindele

Non-performers have weakened MMD - Kavindele
By Patson Chilemba
Sat 13 Nov. 2010, 04:01 CAT

ENOCH Kavindele yesterday said the ruling MMD has been weakened because of non-performing leaders like works and supply minister Mike Mulongoti. And Kavindele disclosed that three Cabinet ministers and two national executive committee (NEC) members were interested in the MMD vice-presidency.

Reacting to Mulongoti’s assertion that he (Kavindele) should be more honourable by not contesting any further elections because he had been contesting and losing since the UNIP days, Kavindele, who is a vice-presidential aspirant in the MMD, said the MMD was continuously losing by-elections because of non-performing leaders.

“People like Mike Mulongoti have weakened the MMD because instead of doing correct things, he is now advising others that elections should be held after the general elections. I am saying the Copperbelt was 100 per cent MMD, but since Mulongoti became chairperson for elections we have been continuously losing elections,” he said.

Kavindele said because of non-performing leaders like Mulongoti, President Rupiah Banda and the MMD’s popularity was being eroded every day. He said he was not like Mulongoti who had had an easy political life. Kavindele said he had had to fight for the things he desired.

“Mr Mulongoti has had a lucky trick in politics because after the death of MP for Lufwanyama, the late Dawson Lupunga lobbied for Mulongoti to be adopted for the seat because the business he had been running on behalf of Lupunga had collapsed,” he said.

Kavindele said when Mulongoti contested the same seat under the FDD, he was defeated by an MMD member.

He said thereafter, when life became tough for Mulongoti, he sought the help of his ‘uncle’ late president Levy Mwanawasa, who nominated him member of parliament and appointed him minister as well as NEC member.

“That is why I am saying he has had a lucky spell. Some of us do not have uncles who can make life easy for us. I was elected chairman for finance through an election process. I also became MMD vice-president by winning the position at the convention,” he said.

And Kavindele said he had the names of three Cabinet ministers as well as two NEC members who were interested in challenging him for the vice-presidency at the MMD convention.

“They try to intimidate me by using cadres that I should not attend the convention because they are afraid of me, because they know I will defeat whoever stands against me,” said Kavindele.

Mulongoti last Monday asked Kavindele to be more honourable by not contesting any further elections, saying he had been contesting and losing since the UNIP days.

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