Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shakas warns against embezzling of funds using intelligency

Shakas warns against embezzling of funds using intelligency
By Florence Bupe
Thu 18 Nov. 2010, 04:01 CAT

JONAS Shakafuswa has warned government officials against using the Zambia Security Intelligence Services to embezzle public resources.

Contributing to debate on the 2011 budget estimates of expenditure for the Zambia Intelligence Services in the Office of the President in Parliament on Tuesday, Shakafuswa said those in positions of authority should not compromise the professionalism of the intelligence unit by abusing that office.

“We are not against the operations of the intelligence service. What we are against is the tendency by some people in positions of authority who are able to command the unit, abusing their authority to embezzle public funds using the intelligence service officers,” he said.

Shakafuswa, who is Katuba MMD member of parliament, urged the government to uphold the professionalism of the intelligence service in order to allow for independent operations in the interest of national security.

And in debating the policy statement for the Ministry of Defence, UPND Kalomo member of parliament Request Muntanga called for increased funding to the defence forces.

He said the three defence forces, the Zambia National Service, the Zambia Air Force and the Zambia Army were faced with a number of challenges that needed to be addressed to enhance their operations.

“We need to get new planes for the Zambia Air Force. The planes they have are not good enough, that’s why we had a plane crash-landing at the Kasempa airstrip recently. The plane that killed our national (soccer) team was also a ZAF plane,” he observed.

Muntanga suggested that the defence ministry should provide for supplementary estimates of expenditure to make the operations of defence forces more effective.

“There are so many jobs that the defence ministry has to do. There are so many emergencies they have to respond to, but if they don’t have the tools, how do we expect them to carry out their duties effectively?” asked Muntanga.

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