Friday, November 26, 2010

Violence is a product of the UPND - Muzyamba

Violence is a product of the UPND - Muzyamba
By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone
Fri 26 Nov. 2010, 04:00 CAT

VIOLENCE is a product of the UPND through the Mapatizya formula, Southern Province MMD chairman Solomon Muzyamba said yesterday. And Muzyamba declared that the MMD does not need an alliance with UPND to win next year’s elections.

Commenting on UPND’s threats to burn and kill Post assistant news editor George Chellah as reported in yesterday’s Post newspaper, Muzyamba expressed surprise that the UPND was now attacking The Post when it was perceived that MMD was the number one enemy of the newspaper.

“The genesis of political violence was in Mapatizya where the UPND used machetes to attack MMD cadres. Now it is The Post being accused,” Muzyamba said. “Violence is the product of the UPND through the Mapatizya formula. As for the MMD, we may have reacted in some instances but that was in self-defence and not through our instigation. We never have provoked violence and we don’t encourage it at all.”

Muzyamba said the MMD did not need an alliance with the UPND to take back the province dominated by the opposition party.

“It is surprising that it is now UPND against The Post and as MMD, we would not want to be dragged in that problem. But I’m confident enough to say that we MMD are intact and we don’t need the alliance as it is being reported in order to govern the country,” he said.

And Livingstone MMD youth chairperson Felix Lyandishya has appealed to Forum for Democratic Process (FODEP) and Anti Voter Apathy Project (AVAP) to call for a youth indaba to discuss political violence and the need for youths to contest next year’s elections.

He said he would love to see youths contest next year’s elections so that their voice could be heard.

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