Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rupiah’s language is belittling Zambian politics - Inonge

Rupiah’s language is belittling Zambian politics - Inonge
By Edwin Mbulo
Sat 26 Feb. 2011, 04:01 CAT

Inonge Wina says it is unfortunate that President Rupiah Banda belittled Zambian politics by using demeaning words against Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata in an attempt to win votes.

Commenting on President Banda’s statement in Lumezi on Wednesday when he said Sata "was a bad-hearted person just like his ugly face", Wina said the statement was not the kind that should be made by a President.

“The statement attributed to President Banda is very unfortunate and demeaning to be uttered by a leader of any stature. It is unfortunate that we can go to such lengths to say things just to win votes,” she said.

Wina said President Banda should concentrate on speaking about policy issues, such as how he intended to reduce mortality rates and how best he wanted service delivery to reach each and every Zambian.

“We should be looking at issues and not how somebody looks. Personal attacks belittle the political arena and are not fair on any politician,” said Wina.

And Wina, who is PF national chairperson, said the MMD cannot claim it will win this year’s elections in the current state of affairs.
She said the MMD government was responsible for bad governance.

“I don’t think that in the current state of affairs the MMD can claim credibility because of bad governance,” she said.
Wina said the MMD government had denied the Zambian people many of their wishes, especially the benefits of natural resources and the 50 per cent plus 1 per cent constitutional clause.

“People expressed a lot of things they wished to be added in the constitution, such as the benefits from their natural resources, especially copper via the windfall tax. The MMD has not listened to the people,” Wina said.

She said there was a general feeling among Zambians that the MMD was not a listening party.

Wina said the MMD government also failed to listen to people's cries over delimitation of huge constituencies.

“We have vast constituencies, especially in the rural areas, where people are not well represented. Service delivery is not reaching them and the MMD has failed to divide these constituencies,” said Wina.

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