Friday, April 08, 2011

(HERALD) Sanctions won’t deter us — Georgias

Sanctions won’t deter us — Georgias
Thursday, 07 April 2011 22:10
Herald Reporter

THE illegal economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West will not prevent the Government from pursuing policies and implementing projects that will improve the lives and welfare of the people, Deputy Minister of Public Works, Senator Aguy Georgias has said. Sen Georgias said this on Wednesday while touring the newly completed Gokwe North District Hospital.

"The project started way back in 1999, but due to lack of funding caused by the punitive illegal sanctions imposed on us by the United States, Britain and their friends in the European Union, we could not carry on," he said.

Sen Georgias said the construction of the hospital was a sign that the Government attached great importance to the provision of health care services to the people despite the economic hardships faced.

Sen Georgias said it was only the Government, through President Mugabe that would bring real and meaningful change to the people of Zimbabwe.

He said this was being done through affording the people access to health care, sanitation, education, employment, food and other social amenities.

"We had to find the money without fail for the sake of the people of Nembudziya and beyond.

"No matter how long it would take, we had to complete this work and here we are today," Sen Georgias said.

The project to construct the hospital was wholly funded by the Government with the Jiangsu Corporation of China providing engineering services.

The hospital is expected to open its doors to the public soon.

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