Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hichilema is a double dealer - Imbwae

Hichilema is a double dealer - Imbwae
By Mwala Kalaluka in Mongu
Sat 02 Apr. 2011, 04:01 CAT

Induna Imbwae says Hakainde Hichilema is a double-dealer who can’t be trusted. And Vice-President George Kunda's revelations over the flopped constitution review process have unearthed Hichilema’s chameleon character, says Induna Imbwae.

Induna Imbwae, who was UPND leader Hichilema's Western Province campaign manager during the 2008 presidential elections but recently defected to the PF with other provincial leaders, said in Mongu yesterday that the UPND's double-dealings had been exposed, showing that Hichilema cannot be trusted.

“The true colours of Hakainde and UPND have been unearthed in the sense that they are just like a chameleon,” said Induna Imbwae shortly before departure for Lukulu to campaign for the PF. “They were changing colours but the truth has come out through the revelations by Kunda.”

Induna Imbwae said Vice-President Kunda's revelations that the UPND was in discussion with the MMD had now laid bare the truth that UPND had been concealing.

“How were they going to discuss such issues with the MMD when they were in the Pact with the PF?” Induna Imbwae asked. “Their accusations against PF have now become irrelevant and so their dealings with MMD are true.”

Induna Imbwae congratulated the members of parliament that rejected the Constitution Bill, because it was a hollow document.

He said surprisingly, even the UPND parliamentarians had realised that the Constitution Bill was hollow despite participating in the National Constitution Conference NCC.

Induna Imbwae said they were now entering the entire Western Province to campaign for Michael Sata and the PF now that they were no longer in the UPND.

“We are going to inform the people of the turn of events and shortly you will hear from the districts about what will transpire,” said Induna Imbwae.

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