Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saboo pins underdevelopment on improper use of resources

Saboo pins underdevelopment on improper use of resources
By By Ndinawe Simpelwe
Sat 23 Apr. 2011, 03:59 CAT

FORMER Rotary International president Rajendra Saboo says Zambia is a rich country inhabited by poor people. In an interview, Saboo said Zambia had a tremendous potential to develop but resources were not properly utilised.

Saboo who led a delegation of Indian Rotarians to Zambia to carry out specialist treatment in different health fields said there was need to generalise resources so that the country could develop.

“It is sad to see that Zambia is a rich country but inhabited by poor people. This is a rich country that has got a lot of potential to develop. There are so much opportunities but the country's wealth needs to be generalised,” Saboo said.

He said any country in the world had its own challenges but it was possible to develop if right steps were taken.

“You are slowly getting there but there is need to work extra hard to develop,” Saboo said.

He said Africa was the next global economic driver after Asia, and Zambia would play an important role in ensuring that Africa plays its part in the world.

And Saboo said his mission to Zambia was not complete because there was a low turnout of patients seeking specialist treatment.

He said most of the doctors on his entourage did not perform their work because they had no clients.

“We could have done better but the only doctors who had overwhelming work were the ones doing dental work and gynaecology. Maybe the primary health care is so good that there are no referrals to secondary health services.

But it was sad to see some doctors doing nothing after coming all the way from India,” said Saboo.

Meanwhile, Rotary International district governor Moses Malunda said he was happy with the work done by the Rotarians despite the low turnout.

Malunda said the important thing was that operations were done for free on people who could have not afforded to pay for the services at private clinics.



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