Friday, May 27, 2011

Rupiah running Zambia like his farm - Kapatiso

Rupiah running Zambia like his farm - Kapatiso
By Roy Habaalu
Thu 26 May 2011, 04:01 CAT

PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda is running the country like his farm, says a Barotse activist. Eugine Kapatiso, who was recently released on a nolle prosequi for allegedly causing riots in Mongu, said President Banda was the worst dictator who would kill to remain in power.

“Bo Rupiah should tell me what offence I committed for police to break my bones like this. Releasing us is not enough. We want the nation to know that we were persecuted for nothing. He hates Lozis and this year we’re mobilising ourselves to kick him out,” Kapatiso said.

“Why did he release us on a nolle at night in the cells? (Inspector General of police) Kabonde and Rupiah should bring back my money his police officers stole when I was in detention. This killer government has not given me anything apart from making me poorer and torturing my family.”

He said he lost US $2,000 dollars and K350,000 when the police forced their way into his house.

Kapatiso said armed police officers beat up his pregnant wife and children for saying that he was not involved in the Mongu riots.

“When they brought us to Lusaka Central Prison, Akushanga police officer told me that he knows my home, children and wife because he beat them to reveal where I was. On May 6th, 2011 the officer-in-charge for Mumbwa prison came into the cell and told us that she was instructed to release us on a nolle prosequi without providing transport and accommodation,” he said.

Kapatiso said President Banda was treating Lozis like wild animals.

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