Friday, June 17, 2011

Dora angers Chiengi MMD

Dora angers Chiengi MMD
By Patson Chilemba
Fri 17 June 2011, 04:01 CAT

MMD officials in Chiengi have said Dora Siliya is annoying them more by saying that things are well in the area.

In an interview, Chiengi MMD constituency chairperson Emmanuel Muweleni said he listened to education minister and MMD spokesperson Siliya say that things were alright in Chiengi when she appeared on last Wednesday’s main evening news on the state-owned and government-controlled Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).

He said Siliya was belittling the people’s demands in Chiengi to secure the freedom of their area member of parliament Katele Kalumba because she had “managed to secure her own freedom” on the Zamtel-RP Capital scam.

“Aba ba Dora Siliya, Dora Siliya balikwati nalimo niba former president ba Chiluba. Balyabuka kale nomba ico balyabuka kwena balifyangusha (Dora Siliya is like Chiluba, they have both had their freedoms secured as such they are belittling the issues involving Kalumba),” said Muweleni.

Chiengi district MMD vice-youth chairperson Cephas Chansa said Siliya should stop annoying the people.

“Ba Dora Siliya bakese bakese umfwa ifyo Ichiengi cikalipe (Dora Siliya should come here and prove for herself how upset the people of Chiengi are). What she is saying is angering us more because it is our man who is suffering.

Pantu teti balelanda amashiwi ayalubana ifyo libe kuli ubwafya tulepitamo fwebene kuno (She can’t be saying wrong things when the problem before us is real),” he said.

Chansa said Siliya should state openly if she knew about the suffering Kalumba is going through.

“Because every time we express our anger she is the one who is always coming up to say ‘no, everything is alright in Chiengi’,” said Chansa.

The MMD in Chiengi has resolved not to receive applications from those wishing to stand as members of parliament until Kalumba is “freed from his corruption cases”.

The party structures in the area has also resolved not to conduct interviews for those wishing to stand as councillors.

The MMD in Chiengi wondered why Kalumba had not been set free as promised by President Banda, who they said had freed the likes of Frederick Chiluba, former intelligence chief Xavier Chungu and Siliya from their court cases.

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