Friday, June 10, 2011

Govt’s reconciliation with Catholics not real - Fr Miha

Govt’s reconciliation with Catholics not real - Fr Miha
By Moses Kuwema
Fri 10 June 2011, 04:01 CAT

FATHER Miha Drevensek says the so-called reconciliation between the Catholic Church and the government is fake. Fr Miha, who is Mission Press director, said the reconciliation was nothing real and that the country should look forward to what would happen after the elections.

“Reconciliation means change of mind but what we are seeing is nothing real. These are just empty words and there is no reality in them,” said Fr Miha. He said people like information minister Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikap-washa and others in government were guilty of the attacks on the Catholic Church.

“Shikapwasha told Parliament that we Catholics will cause a genocide in the country and above that he is also using the public media as a platform to insult us including all PF and UPND members. This is satanic, and the so-called reverend is responsible. He is too proud and selfish,” he said.

Fr Miha called on Lt Gen Shikapwasha, President Rupiah Banda’s information minister and chief government spokesperson, to stop abusing the public through what was being reported in the public media.

“President Banda should get rid of people like Shikapwasha, who are capable of licking boots just to stay in authority, if the reconciliation is to be regarded as genuine,” said Fr Miha.

Yesterday, Mansa Diocese Vicar General Fr Mambwe Mpasa said the reconciliation with the Catholic Church that the government leaders were asking for was not genuine.

Fr Mpasa said the MMD and the government leaders should first acknowledge that they were wrong before they could talk about reconciliation.

“This is the same government which has accused the Catholic Church of instigating the 1994 Rwanda genocide. This is the same government that has insulted our bishops and priests, calling them all sorts of names.

And today, all of them including the President are saying they have never differed with the Catholic Church. Are they being sincere to themselves and to the nation?” Fr Mpasa asked.

“In my opinion this reconciliation they are calling for is not genuine because they are not admitting their faults. I believe that for genuine reconciliation to take place there must be an acknowledgement from the parties involved that ‘here we were wrong, let us reconcile’.

Equally if it is one party that is wrong, let them also admit that they are wrong before they call for reconciliation. Otherwise if there is no admission of a wrong, what are you going to reconcile about?”

Fr Mpasa said government leaders should admit that they had insulted the Catholic Church and its leaders.

President Banda's government has been attacking the Catholic Church, accusing it of supporting opposition political parties.

The government attacks on the Church have also not spared individuals like the Archbishop of Lusaka Telesphore Mpundu, former Mongu diocese Bishop Paul Duffy and Ndola Bishop Alick Banda, among others.

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