Saturday, June 18, 2011

UNIP welcomes Mkhondo’s decision

UNIP welcomes Mkhondo’s decision
By Bright Mukwasa
Sat 18 June 2011, 04:01 CAT

UNIP says it has no quarrel with home affairs minister Mkhondo Lungu’s decision to seek to recontest the Lundazi seat on the MMD ticket.

Party vice-president Njekwa Anamela said Zambia was a democratic dispensation and any individual had the right to contest any seat on the party ticket of their choice.

“We have no quarrel with that decision just like we had no quarrel when he was
elevated to that position home affairs minister,” said Anamela in an interview.

“You see, in Zambia we are trying to build a democratic society and we respect that.”

However, Anamela said more party members were interested to contest the Lundazi seat.

Anamela said his party was working hard at the grassroots to mobilise the members in readiness for the forthcoming general election.

And Lungu said he was set to retain the Lundazi seat in the event that the MMD’s national executive committee picked him due to his record and experience with the people of Lundazi.

“It's not a secret that I have applied to stand on the MMD ticket. But I can't say I will be adopted straight away by the party, but if I’m adopted, I am confident I can win the seat for the party,” said Lungu.

Lungu applied to recontest his seat on the MMD ticket and came out second in the primary interviews at constituency level.

Currently, Lungu is the only UNIP member of parliament.

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