Friday, July 15, 2011

(HERALD) Let’s unite to repel the enemy, askaris

Let’s unite to repel the enemy, askaris
Friday, 15 July 2011 02:00
By Farirai Chubvu

AS we brace for the homestretch towards the make or break elections that will mark the demise of the inclusive Government either late this year or early next year, it's vital that we all bear in mind the importance of unity of purpose and the inviolability of patriotism.

We must never forget what is at stake in our country. We are in the midst of finalising the liberation struggle but this time the Rhodesian Front has taken a strategic retreat and pushed forward its lackeys in the two MDCs so that it will appear like what we have is a mere electoral contest yet what we will be deciding in the ballot box is the fate of Zimbabwe for which over 50 000 patriots paid the ultimate sacrifice in the Second Chimurenga.

Should we be the generation that spits on the wailing bones of Chibondo, Tembwe, Nyadzonia, Chimoio, and Freedom Camp? We must never forget that the challenges we faced since 2000 came about because the erstwhile coloniser wants to retain mastery over our resources.

It was never a conflict between a tyrant and long-suffering democrats as packaged by the West but a fight between Zimbabwe and Rhodesians by proxy. Its time we engaged ourselves in the national healing process that will help us rebuild the country some among us helped shatter by allowing ourselves to collaborate with those external forces that sought to strangulate our economy.

The denunciation of President Mugabe has become a secular doctrine in the West, and that fulmination is all rooted in the imperial commitment to world domination and the establishment of client states in place of the fallen colonies.

After Claire Short's infamous letter of November 5 1997, the British government of Tony Blair decided to embark on misplaced economics where they thought it prudent to fund an opposition puppet party to unseat Zanu-PF than to fund the land reform programme. They thus invested heavily in the illegal regime change agenda. This was a snorting effort at halting what Tony Blair saw as Mugabe's "land invasion policy".

The rascality of the regime change project became apparent when the United States weighed in with a sanctions law, ZDERA, and Australia's John Howard came in with his rancorous campaign for the expulsion of Zimbabwe from the Commonwealth.

In 2000, as we prepared for a parliamentary general election, our country was hit by a disastrous sabotage campaign targeted at basic commodities like sugar, fuel, salt and cooking oil. The calculation was to create conditions for a protest vote against Zanu-PF and in favour of the British sponsored MDC. We fought back en masse.

We confronted the enemy's material superiority and abundant supplies with a collective political and revolutionary determination. The vanguard of our national revolution - the war veterans, the defence forces, the youth and the masses decided against fighting from the same corner with the imperial aggressors.

It was a time to unleash a collective sense of genius, and the strategies adopted have written heroic deeds into the pages of African anti-imperialism history - albeit with a sad and dear price on the welfare side of our country.

This is how the revolution was protected. It was protected because it was under attack, and as Zimbabweans we owe our country protection day and night. We defended the country not as a duty to protect Zanu-PF, but as a duty to defend the revolution - to fulfil a revolutionary duty left upon us by those who set the revolutionary fires as founding fathers of the nation.

The economic warfare waged against us over the past decade, manifest in the illegal economic sanctions, is nothing but an extension of the west's politics of destructive engagement. Our politics were extended and became a generalised popular defence of the revolution and the country.

Two political lines confronted each other and the end result so far has been the GPA and the inclusive Government led by the West's number one enemy, President Mugabe, and which includes arguably Africa's number one puppet, Morgan Tsvangirai, a man cut from the same cloth as Moise Tshombe the charlatan who precipitated the problems the DRC faces to this day.

Now it is time to think about all those who succumbed to death as the economy of the country was shattered by the ruinous sanctions onslaught. To us these people should be viewed as having fallen on the field of honour. It is time to spare a thought for all those who were injured in political conflict, about the tearful families, our people from across the political divide who were touched by this confrontation.

Each of us must make an effort to repel the enemy - the real enemy behind this confrontation. Surely we can all tell that it is only the Western community that stands opposed to the inclusive Government and our efforts to rebuild our nation. We have the blessing and good will of all members of the family of nations but the West.

Every patriotic Zimbabwean must win the ultimate victory by killing all seeds of hostility and enmity within us towards fellow citizens. This is an important victory to win - bigger than any election victory that anyone can ever dream of. It is time to invoke the spirit of Murenga, the War Spirit.

Together we can win this war.

In 2008, we almost let the country go because of disunity within the ranks of the revolutionary party, struggles within the struggle as it were. We must unite to repel the unwanted external enemy.

On behalf of our country we must boldly tell the world that there are no more problems in our country and none of us should ever again posture as an asylum seeker of any kind. We must make it clear that we can return to Zimbabwe when and as we wish, in total freedom and pride.

We did not fight against the imperial onslaught in order to create refugees and economic prisoners. We fought to repel the enemy and we are happy that we ran him out of town.

Now that the enemy can be fully repelled by our one voice, it is time we realise that we are one family as Zimbabweans. We are our own liberators and together we will always triumph.

It is time to avoid being dragged and diverted into fights that are not for the benefit of our country and our people. It is time to avoid being involved in concerns that are not concerns of our people in this mad race toward aid money and all manner of sponsored campaigns.

It is when we stop all self-defeating behaviours that we can successfully repel the enemy.

The Western media, in reality the imperialist press, has often said of Zimbabwe that recovery of the economy would take decades. Now the same media has passed a sentence on itself by reversing its opinion - albeit in an attempt to create an economic wizard out of Tendai Biti whose only claim to fame so far is denying civil servants an increment. The economic reality on the ground clearly shows that most of what they wrote about the state of the economy in the last five or so years were blue lies.

We can rebuild our country fast if we stand as one. We can live freely and happily as a family and the enemy who wrote that we were a pariah state will have to come face to face with his own slander.

Libya, Iraq, Guantanamo, Palestine and Afghanistan have shown the world who the real human rights abusers are. It is all now too clear.

It is time we all realised that the best form of protest is not burning the flag but washing it.

Those who detest the revolution for various illicit reasons will not stop causing confusion. Their manoeuvres will continue and so we must brace ourselves for the battles that await us as a nation.

The next election is not just about voting our representatives into office; it will be about putting an exclamation mark to our revolution. It will be about driving Westerners out of our politics. The people's victory must be resounding. It must be fundamental.



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