Saturday, July 30, 2011

Those seeking political office must learn to sacrifice - Fr Mwewa

COMMENT - It is not in the nature of politicians, to sacrifice for the greater good. There are those who do, but you cannot depend on them being the majority. It is the bread and butter of politicians to accrue power and connections. That is how they define success, for good or bad. What is needed is a constitution that effectively separates hiring and budgets of the powers of state, party from government, and government from state. What is needed, is a form of government that ensures that decisions are made by the people, not central government politicians. A system based on decentralisation and the principle of subsidiarity (local government decisions supersede provincial government decisions, which supersede national government decisions). A system that protects basic human and civil rights and individual or collective exploitation, through a national Constitution.

Those seeking political office must learn to sacrifice - Fr Mwewa
By Bright Mukwasa
Sat 30 July 2011, 13:59 CAT

THOSE seeking political office must learn to sacrifice, says Fr Augustine Mwewa.

Commenting on Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mutale Nalumango’s advice that people should avoid joining politics for money because they would end up being corrupt, Fr Mwewa said politicians should always struggle to be of service and be mindful that they were joining politics not to amass wealth.

“It takes one who understands that politics is about service especially in our country today to really take that stance,” Fr Mwewa said.

“Even those people who want to join politics ought to understand about service, service to the community, to promote the common good. It is about contributing positively to the wellbeing of humanity.”

Fr Mwewa said all politicians, especially Christians, have a responsibility to show strength of character by fighting for social justice and avoid corruption.

“In Zambia there should be a way of preparing those who want to join politics. They need to do a bit of political philosophy. They will understand there will be no insults. No hatred,” he said.

Fr Mwewa implored people contesting this year’s elections to be issue-based and preach values, such as love, upon which the Zambian society was anchored.

“We need change not for the sake of change, of course with continuity, if we say we have made economic progress we need to continue. Where we have failed they need to contribute, they need to sacrifice. They need to be bold enough not to be bought by investors,” said Fr Mwewa.

During the leadership and candidate training skills in Lusaka on Tuesday, Nalumango, who was until Parliament’s dissolution on Thursday MMD Kaputa member of parliament, said people that went into politics for money ended up being corrupt.

“But I will tell you that your performance when you get in will depends on the reason that drove you into there. If you go in for money most likely you will be corrupt because you won't find the money you were imagining,” Nalumango said.

“If it's fame and status then you want everybody to notice where you are. I thought really politics and governance; this power must be power to serve. Governance must be service. Therefore, for me I believe you should go into politics, and I did go into politics, based on my conviction that I can do something in my community in Kaputa.”

Nalumango said she believed most women could do more to change their communities for the better.

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