Friday, August 26, 2011

Mufulira gives Rupiah a ‘Don't kubeba' welcome

Mufulira gives Rupiah a ‘Don't kubeba' welcome
By Abigail Chaponda in Masaiti and Misheck Wangwe in Mufulira
Fri 26 Aug. 2011, 10:20 CAT

MUFULIRA residents on Tuesday raised and waved the PF symbol in protest against President Rupiah Banda's first visit to the town since 2008. President Banda visited Mufulira and took time to drive around the town centre, Chibolya compound, Kamuchanga and also visited Kwacha market in Kankoyo Constituency.

Most of the residents that lined up the streets from the town centre up to Kankoyo were heard shouting Don't kubeba and Pamaka slogans whilst raising clenched fists in support of the PF. Other residents including children displayed Sata's posters and the PF Chitenge material as President Banda and his entourage who were onboard the MMD-branded 70 seater-Higer bus waved back with the MMD symbol.

As President Banda made a stop-over at Kwacha market to greet traders, some people were seen walking out of the market in protest and shouting that he had failed to build a decent market for them.

At Kamuchanga grounds in Mufulira Central Constituency, President Banda addressed a rally and expressed happiness to be in the town since 2008.

"I am visiting Mufulira in the middle of elections to ask people for votes because my government is committed to develop the country," he said.

President Banda also presented letters of offer to sitting tenants of Mokambo, Thangata and Mine Basic School teachers' houses.

"I have the courage to stand before you and ask for your vote because of what we have done and what we will do to improve the living standards of people.

Look at the home empowerment programme, look at the roads and the bridges we are constructing. We are also working hard to improve water and sanitation systems," he said.

And addressing a campaign rally in Masaiti Constituency in the afternoon, President Banda began referring to the opposition PF party and its leader Michael Sata as being ‘impotent'.

"These people remind me of a ngomwa (impotent person). These ngomwas go round the village following women to the stream and you hear them say we love women.

At night, a ngomwa would follow a lady and knock on her door and when the woman asks who is at the door, the ngomwa says it's me, but you hear the woman chase the ngomwa away saying what can you do for me. Then women in the village would decide to let the ngomwa in to see what he can do," President Banda said.

He said PF had been complaining from the time he was elected as President.

"They have been saying we are not building schools, roads, hospitals and clinics and when we do that, they still complain that they are not seeing any development taking place. They have been saying they are ready for the elections and wanted the election date, I give them the date, and they still continue complaining, what is it that these ngomwas are trying to do?" President Banda asked.

He accused Sata and the PF of dillydallying and that they were trying to refuse to have elections by creating all sorts of problems.

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