Tuesday, November 15, 2011

HH is myopic, say ex-UPND officials

HH is myopic, say ex-UPND officials
By Roy Habaalu in Mazabuka
Tue 15 Nov. 2011, 13:59 CAT

WYLBUR Simuusa says people of Southern Province should remove the tribal tag by voting for change. And former UPND officials said Hakainde Hichilema was a myopic leader who wanted to bulldoze his way.

During a rally at Kaleya grounds to drum up support for the Patriotic Front Magoye parliamentary candidate Eugene Munyama, Simuusa who is also mines minister and is the PF's campaign manager said Southern Province should join the rest of the country in fulfilling the change they desired.

"Me I am Simuusa from Choma but I won (elections) with a landslide in Nchanga. Let's show the country that we're tired of being in the opposition. Don't waste your votes on UPND and MMD; they're not going anywhere," said Simuusa.

Former UPND national trustee Mundia Mundale said the party went into an alliance with MMD without consulting the party.

"Why does he (Hichilema) think he can decide on all matters alone? He pulled out of the pact with PF without consulting us and now they have gone to bed with MMD without consulting members," she said.

Cecilia Limwanya, a former UPND national women's coordinator said she left the party due to its inconsistencies on national issues.

She said it was shameful that Hichilema who denounced MMD's soft spot for corruption had teamed up with hypocrites.

"How can a serious person partner with a party that maimed and killed our brothers and sisters in Mongu? MMD has blood on its hands, and these are the people UPND is working with!" she remarked.

Former UPND chairman for livestock and fisheries Lawrence Nyambe said UPND would sink by the end of this year.

He said the party leadership was divided after Hichilema dictated that they work with MMD.

"People are not happy and more will be leaving; watch the space," he said.

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