Saturday, November 26, 2011

(TALKZIMBABWE) Brace for elections, Mujuru tells police

Brace for elections, Mujuru tells police
Posted by By Our reporter at 26 November, at 05 : 38 AM

Vice President, Mrs Joice Mujuru has urged the Zimbabwe Republic Police to maintain peace before, during and after the forthcoming referendum which will be followed by general elections.

Addressing senior government officials and police officers at a graduation ceremony of 420 police officers held at the Morris Depot in Harare, Mujuru said government will maintain its stance of zero tolerance to political violence.

She said the police must take a leading role in ensuring that the referendum and the general elections are held in a peaceful environment and reminded political parties to desist from engaging in political violence.

“I would like to urge the ZRP to build in their success of policing previous elections by ensuring that our people are once again afforded opportunity to vote in tranquillity and enabling environment. May I also encourage political leaders to desist from stirring up violence but instead urge their supporters to be tolerant,” she said.

Mujuru also called on all Zimbabweans to support government programmes such as the indigenisation policy, which is aimed at empowering ordinary citizens.

“In this same vein, let me underscore the need for all Zimbabweans from all walks of life to embrace and support government’s empowerment programmes which are meant to address colonial imbalances. Zimbabwe is a country that is endowed with abundant natural resources, so it is therefore our responsibility to ensure that sons and daughters of this nation enjoy the benefits,” Mujuru said.

After the graduation, Mujuru commissioned a dedication tower which is a replica of the Great Zimbabwe.

The tower is a symbol of the ZRP’s dedication to safeguarding the interest of the nation and a zero tolerance stance to imperialists’ ideologies.

The colourful graduation saw the police officers displaying their highest standards of discipline through drills.

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