Saturday, December 31, 2011

LAZ should continue standing for what is just - Mwenye

LAZ should continue standing for what is just - Mwenye
By Bright Mukwasa
Sat 31 Dec. 2011, 13:58 CAT

Mwenye yesterday resigned as Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president following his appointment as Solicitor General. Mwenye said he decided to relinquish his position to avoid compromising the independence of LAZ.

"Although I have anxiously perused the law and have found no provision that obliges one to resign this position as LAZ president when appointed to public office, I have nonetheless decided to resign my position as LAZ president with immediate effect," Mwenye stated in a letter dated December 29th, 2011 addressed to LAZ honorary secretary Paulman Chungu.

"This is so because staying as LAZ president would conflict with my long held belief in the independence of LAZ. Although there are barely four months before the annual general meeting, I am persuaded that the avoidance of even the appearance of a conflict of interest between the office of LAZ president and that of Solicitor General necessitates the decision that I have made."

Mwenye praised the council of LAZ for the resilience shown in the most challenging times.

He said he was grateful to the general membership of LAZ for the immense support accorded to him in his election and also for the rare opportunity of being the only second LAZ president, after prominent Lusaka lawyer Willa Mung'omba, to have been at the helm of the association during the change of government from one political party to another.

Mwenye urged LAZ to continue standing for what was just according to the objectives of the Association as contained in section four of the Law Association of Zambia Act chapter 31 of the Laws of Zambia.

He hoped LAZ would continue on the projects and the undertakings such as the implementation of the multi-million dollar facelift of the secretariat approved by the council and the resolution to focus on the fight against corruption, judicial reforms and the constitution-making process.

Mwenye was sworn in as Solicitor General on Thursday following his appointment by President Michael Sata and subsequent overwhelming approval by Parliament.

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