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(NEWZIMBABWE) Mulder makes case for Mugabe heroism

COMMENT - A rightwinger and son of white supremacist is part of the ANC government? That is a little too much 'inclusiveness'. The writer of the article is a coward, who is covering his behind throughout with editorializing and name calling. However, the land of redistribution of land to the 45 million South Africans who were robbed durign apartheid must be addressed. Hopefully by more courageous writers in the future.

Mulder makes case for Mugabe heroism
23/02/2012 00:00:00
by Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya

WHEN Jacob Zuma was inaugurated as president in 2009, the loudest cheer from the elite of the new South Africa inauguration went out for his Zimbabwean counterpart Robert Mugabe who attended.

Mugabe had a year earlier unleashed a frightening spectre of violence that forced Morgan Tsvangirai to quit the race, allowing Mugabe to be the only horse on course and therefore the “winner” of the election. Many could not understand why such a man would be regarded as a hero. This week, they hopefully got the answer to why so many South Africans held Mugabe in high regard.

For all of Zanu PF and Mugabe’s faults, a Zimbabwean equivalent of a Pieter Mulder would never as much as imagined pitting the indigenous people against the descendants of colonialists to contest Africans' claim to African land. Mulder said this week “Bantu-speaking” people had no historical claim to up to 40% of South Africa.

Mugabe is a megalomaniac and a dictator who does not know when to call it a day.

[Hyperbole, editorializing and a lot of cya. Keep it on topic. - MrK]

But he and his government have been better than South Africa’s in helping address the formerly oppressed’s psychological scars of living under white racism and the unwillingness to accept that they have visited untold harm on black people by denying them their political and human rights.

A lot is said and written about how the likes of Julius Malema are a threat to racial peace and harmony. Truth is, it is the Mulders of this world who are a greater threat to national cohesion.

Mulder best personifies why many black people believe that their white compatriots have spat on the hand they extended in the name of building a non-racial society.

Mulder – son of Corne Mulder, the co-founder of the white supremacist Conservative Party – is a junior minister in a government popularly elected by those his father’s party had decreed were defective human beings and therefore fair game because they were not white.

Every opportunity Mulder gets, he uses to carp at the state or, as he has now done, venture an ahistoric statement he can live with rather than accept the truth he cannot handle: that African people’s claims to Africa is unquestionable.

For as long as there are arrogant denialists like Mulder in our midst a Robert Mugabe – or even worse, an Idi Amin –

[Coward. Also, Idi Amin worked for the British all of his career. - MrK]

who has the gumption to “put the oppressors or exploiters in their place” will be appealing to some.

If Deputy Minister Mulder cannot appreciate the governing party’s efforts, often at the risk of alienating its own constituency, to show it harbours no ill-intentions, then South Africa has more problems than it is ready to admit.

With the willing-buyer-willing seller having failed to deliver a fair land restitution regime; employment equity figures showing that it will take 126 years before there will be a fair reflection of all of South Africa’s talent in the workplace; and up to 98% of the poorest being black, Mulder and his type test the patience of black South Africans. They bring to question whether the Nelson Mandela-Desmond Tutu approach to nationhood is worth the indignity visited upon them.

Failure to appreciate the role of land dispossession in the material and psychological subjugation of black people makes the Mulders a real threat to the nationhood the likes of Tutu and Mandela were willing to stake their legacies on.

They are the incubators of the Idi Amin or Hitlers, indifferent to the niceties of nation-building and only interested in their narrow understanding of how a historic wrong is corrected.

Fascists and strongmen tend to materialise when a people who have endured degradation and oppression decide they’d rather live in dignity than in a democracy that perpetuates their dehumanisation.

The dispossesed have stomached more than their fair share. Mulder should not try their patience. If he does he should be prepared for “war veterans” who ignore the rules of engagement.

Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya is a columnist for South Africa's City Press newspaper




Silly dare you call our Great President a dictator and megalomaniac! What is the point of you article as you seem to contract yourself throughout......Mugabe has done what South Africans will never do, and that is reclaim their property back from thieves and making it into law that their property will never be stolen again. In SA you demonise Malema for what? Silly people! Leave our Great President alone!


Another neo-liberal apologist for the pale devils,how this sick type drives me mad.Instead of talking of the problems South Africa is beset with in the like of the blattant rejection of the hand pro-offered by the African in reconciliation,the idiot would rather point north as his focal point from which those problems are supposed to emanate.Bullsh!t.

Instead of galvanizing the African brotherhood (point of correction,and sisterhood) down south to confront these racist Mulders head-on and reclaim that which is God given to them, no to this pathetic type (Vincent Gwaradzimba below is the typical Zimbabwean specimen of it) would rather apologise for the white racist.

In their view white previlage must be approached softly-softly as is the thread throughout this nausiating piece of rubbish of an article.To them,no it cannot be the white baas who is wrong, therefore it must be Julias Malema. No,they say in their stupid logic,that sees reason where there is none,if we equate President Mugabe to Hitler and Idi Amin we will placate the Mulders of this world by showing ourselves as being the good Africans who will not upset the whiteman's stolen apple-cart.SH!T !!!!!!

Any wonder our sister Letta Mbuli,in true African Sisterhood,sang the song,"Not Yet Uhuru".By the way that was in 1994 and the song is today banned with no air-play on SABC in a South Africa supposedly ruled by the ANC. While black South Africans are very free to accept their miserable lot,it is very wrong for them to wish Zimbabwe failure as vindication for their lack of courage. Perhaps he, Fikile Nstikelelo Moya will still be around 126 years from now when Uhuru finally visits South Africa per the learned projection.

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