Friday, April 13, 2012

(HERALD) Analysts hail war crimes verdict against Blair, Bush

Govt calls for policies promoting green economy
Friday, 13 April 2012 00:00
Herald Reporter

GOVERNMENT yesterday called for the adoption of policies that focus on waste reduction and mitigating the effects of climate change for the sustainable development of a green economy. Speaking at the National Environmental Expo and Conference in Harare, Environment and Natural Resources Management Minister Francis Nhema said the policies should be in place for business as they played an important role in delivering a green economy.

“It is my call to all businesses to operate in a way that does not threaten the future of our existence by continually seeking out new ways of sustainable operations.

“In this regard my ministry, through platforms like the Environment Expo we held in 2011 and this Green Business Indaba for 2012, encourages operations that are environmentally sound and promote sustainable development,” said Minister Nhema.

The expo is running under the theme: “Greening the Economy — Addressing Behaviour, Energy and Climate Change”. The Environment and Natural Resources Management Ministry in conjunction with Exhibit-It Events Management Company organised the event.

He said his ministry’s thrust was to promote sustainable development that is in line with the Millennium Development Goal number seven, which seeks to ensure environmental sustainability.

“In environmental stewardship, the achievement of our objectives and national targets is hinged on the unique partnerships we create with communities, societies and the corporate world at large.

“The environment is of global concern and our mandate is engulfed in global efforts to ensure progress in achieving both national and international targets,” he said.
Minister Nhema said scientific research has over the years drawn attention to existing and hypothetical threats to the environment and humanity.

“There continues to be growing pressure on natural resources from human activities, in particular business exploits.

“That is why it is of paramount importance for businesses to operate with minimum environmental impact, carbon footprint and increased awareness of environmental implications of their operations,” said Minister Nhema.

He said the transition to a green economy was essential for delivering sustainable development and long term economic growth.

Minister Nhema said if people used and managed resources properly, they (natural resources) would continue to meet people’s needs for energy, food, fresh water, clean air and fertile soils, all of which are essential in enabling them to grow and prosper.

“To enable the transition to a green economy, business and consumers must take advantage of the benefits of resource efficiencies.

“All the sectors of the economy will need to grow with less environmental impact and greater resilience to future environmental challenges including adaptation to climate change,” he said.

Also speaking on the same occasion Forestry Commission general manager Mr Darlington Duwa lamented the lack of resources confronting the parastatal.

This has left it unable to effectively roll out programmes that promote the sustainable use of resources in line with the drive to achieve a green economy.

“We get very little from the fiscus, which makes it critical for the corporate sector to chip in through awareness campaigns and maybe the purchase of seedlings for planting in many deforested areas,” said Mr Duwa.

The expo and conference that has drawn participants from the business world and environmentally concerned organisations will end today.

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