Friday, April 06, 2012

Kachingwe annoys Dora

Kachingwe annoys Dora
By Roy Habaalu
Fri 06 Apr. 2012, 13:55 CAT

RICHARD Kachingwe is more likely to steal than me, says Dora Siliya. Major Kachingwe on Wednesday said the party was considering tabling the issue of whether or not Siliya must remain as party spokesperson in view of her court case in which she has been accused of abusing public office.

But Siliya, who has since been granted a K50 million bail by the courts, said Maj Kachingwe should be the last person to talk about morals. She said Kachingwe must learn to consult the National Executive Committee (NEC) members before issuing statements that would embarrass the party.

"Those who live in glass houses must not talk about morality. Between Kachingwe and I, who is more likely to steal? Ask the MMD cadres. My advice to him is that he should stop issuing unwarranted statements that will embarrass the party," Siliya said.

"In Zambia and in MMD, people are innocent until proven guilty. Kachingwe must consult his superiors, the NEC to avoid embarrassing the party further such as unilateral suspension of…Austin Liato," she said.

Siliya said Maj Kachingwe must stop misapplying himself and concentrate on having a crack-free MMD.

"…Now it's our own party members that should find us guilty. Is Mr Kachingwe saying that Felix Mutati should be suspended because he appeared before the Task Force on corruption for allegedly influencing Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane over Pepsi tax rebate? Should he stay away from NEC? Should George Kunda, Austin Liato, Maxwell Mwale, Kenneth Konga, Kenneth Chipungu, Gabriel Namulambe be suspended because they are being investigated? If Mr Kachingwe doesn't know what he's doing, he must consult his superiors in NEC," she said.

Maj Kachingwe, in an interview, had said Siliya's matter was a moral issue that was of interest to the party and that her fate would be tabled before NEC and acted upon until her case was cleared.

Meanwhile, the MMD has lifted the suspension slapped on its national youth chairman and Chisamba member of parliament Moses Muteteka.

And Muteteka yesterday said the lifting of his suspension had given him impetus to go flat-out to campaign for the party presidency.

In a letter dated April 5, 2012 and signed by Maj Kachingwe, the MMD decided to dispose of Muteteka's case to avail him an opportunity to realise his ambition of vying for the party presidency.

The MMD had suspended Muteteka for alleged insubordination, misconduct and contravening party regulations, among other offences.

"I make reference to my letter of instant to you and the charges contained therein which also carried suspension from the party pending the disposal of the case by the disciplinary ad-hoc committee. I wish to again to invoke the powers vested in me by article 50 (3) of the MMD constitution in line with the general amnesty which had been effected due to ongoing convention to lift your suspension and that you are free to participate in any party activities," read the letter in part.

But Muteteka said he was aware that some MMD youths celebrated upon hearing his suspension.

"This is the spirit which must be encouraged in the party or in any other club where people must be allowed to exercise their freedom of expression and also corrected where they go wrong. I want to appeal to all MMD members and supporters to appreciate the step taken by the MMD to lift my suspension. This has given impetus to me to go out in the country to campaign for the position of president for the party. Therefore, all members of MMD should unite and work together to recruit the membership," he said.

Muteteka promised to continue pointing out the wrongs in the party.

"I am going to continue pointing out the wrongs but there are issues now which I have also learned. There are things we can do administratively and there are things we can do publicly. As a citizen of this country, I am protected by the Constitution to speak but as a member of the club, MMD, we have administrative channels on how to deal with international matters," he said.

Asked on the interest shown by former Republican vice-president Enoch Kavindele to contest the MMD's top position, Muteteka appealed to Kavindele to "back-off from the race".

"…I would appeal to him to be my campaign manager because we are looking at tomorrow. We are looking at 2016 elections, how old is Kavindele? How old I am going to be, 46. If you want the party and the leader who can inspire the party longer, look at the youths…Those youths who have been cooked; who have gone through the systems and I am the one, it is me available in the MMD now," said Muteteka.

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