Thursday, April 05, 2012

Nullification of MMD seats cheers Mpezeni

Nullification of MMD seats cheers Mpezeni
By Christopher Miti in Chipata
Thu 05 Apr. 2012, 13:53 CAT

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people in Eastern Province says development can only come if people align themselves with the ruling party. And Eastern Province PF treasurer John Chibanga says the nullification of the Chama North parliamentary seat, which was won by MMD's Darious Mumba shows that the former ruling party engaged in corrupt campaigns.

Commenting on the nullification of various parliamentary seats that were won by the MMD in last September's elections, chief Mpezeni said it was good that seats that were won "dubiously" were being nullified.

He said the MMD used its status as a ruling party to manipulate the polls.

"Those (MMD) were in power and as for Eastern Province Rupiah Banda comes from here so this was their stronghold so they did everything possible to win the seats. I think it's good that some seats are being nullified because development can only come if people align themselves to the ruling party and not the opposition," chief Mpezeni said in an interview from Lusaka.

And Chibanga, a former Chama North UNIP member of parliament, said the MMD must learn that it does not pay to be corrupt.

Chibanga said the MMD engaged in corrupt activities in last year's elections because it knew that it was not popular in Chama.

He said the people of Chama rejected MMD from its inception because it had never brought any development.

Chibanga said the nullification of the Chama North seat should teach people that they should not engage in political activities when they were not ready.

"The MMD manipulated the electoral process and we saw this (nullification) because of the way they distributed bicycles, mattresses to group headmen. We saw how the MMD used private trucks to distribute maize to the voters. Overall the MMD engaged in corrupt practices in Chama," Chibanga said.

He said it was bad that the MMD government went to the extent of issuing National Registration Cards to Malawians so that they could vote during the elections.

Chibanda said the PF government would ensure that Chama was developed.

He cited the bad road network and lack of telecommunication facilities as some of the challenges facing Chama which is now under Muchinga Province.

Chibanga said PF would now win the Chama North seat.

Losing PF candidate Lambwe Kachali petitioned the election of MMD's Darious Mumba.

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