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A part of me has been cut off - Wina

A part of me has been cut off - Wina
By Mwala Kalaluka and Kombe Chimpinde
Sat 07 Apr. 2012, 13:30 CAT

A part of me has been cut off, says veteran politician and one of the key leaders of Zambia's independence struggle Sikota Wina following the death of his wife, Princess Nakatindi, on Thursday night. Wina described Princess Nakatindi, 63, who died away at Johannesburg's Milpark Hospital as a loving wife and patriot.

According to the family spokesperson, Princess Nakatindi's son Wina, and the Zambian High Commission in South Africa, Princess Nakatindi passed away at around 22:00 hours on Thursday following a heart-related operation.

"She was so much a part of me. I feel a part of me has been cut of," Sikota said.

"She was very close to me for more than forty years. It is something that I am finding hard and difficult to comprehend."

Sikota said Princess Nakatindi took him not only as a husband but as her total responsibility, saying he would find it difficult to cope without her.

"She was so many things to many people. I will remember her as a loving mother who gave me five children. At my age of 81, she completely took me as her responsibility," Sikota said.

"A part of me has left me."

He said Princes Nakatindi was so passionate about the country.

Sikota said Zambians should remember her as a great woman that contributed to the struggle for independence and the political dispensation of Zambia.

Zambia's High Commissioner to South Africa Muyeba Chikonde said the mission recognised Princess Nakatindi as an important figure in the country's history.

High Commissioner Chikonde said the Zambian High Commission in South Africa would do its best to lighten the Wina family's burden following Princess Nakatindi's demise.

"We have received news of her death with great shock and our heartfelt condolences go to her family. As regards details of the transportation of her body, the family has asked for a post-mortem and further details of the transportation will be issued later," said High Commissioner Chikonde.

"And also considering that this is an Easter Holiday which is being celebrated world over and South Africa is not an exception."

And family spokesman Wina said the family was devastated by his mother's death.

Wina said the family was devastated by her sudden death and thanked President Michael Sata for the timely manner in which Princess Nakatindi was evacuated to South Africa after it became evident that she required urgent specialist medical attention.

"Arrangements are being made for Mr. Sikota Wina and body of the deceased and members of the family who accompanied Princess Nakatindi to South Africa to return home to Zambia at the earliest opportunity.

Funeral gathering is at the farm," said Wina.

Princess Nakatindi, a member of the Barotse Royal family, was a politician, who served the country as cabinet minister in the MMD government of Frederick Chiluba.

She was a member of parliament for Kanyama Constituency in Lusaka on the MMD ticket and was at one time member of parliament for Sesheke Central on the UPND ticket.

Princess Nakatindi was during Chiluba's regime arrested and detained at Kabwe's Mukobeko Maximum Prison on tramped-up treason charges related to Captain Steven Lungu's 1997 attempted military coup and her health was affected since then.

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