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(NEWZIMBABWE) 150 MPs to undergo circumcision

COMMENT - Only fools buy into the idea that circumcision prevents HIV infection. The 'evidence' was manipulated, it depends entirely on 3 studies done within 2 years in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa. However, 2 of the 3 studies were 'stopped short for benefit', which means the researchers stop the study when they have the results they want. Read more at: (NEWZIMBABWE) Impact of male circumcision on HIV doubted. To see who is behind this effort, read: (POST ZAMBIA) US to spend $275m on health in Zambia - the US government is spending over a quarter of a billion dollars on this boondoggle, in Zambia alone. To read more on how stopping trials early 'for benefit' manipulates the results, read: (JAMA) Randomized trials stopped early for benefit: a systematic review. So I say don't buy into it, it is a fraud.

150 MPs to undergo circumcision
21/05/2012 00:00:00
by Agencies

MORE than 170 MPs and parliamentary workers will be circumcised in the coming weeks to set a public example and defend themselves against catching HIV/AIDS. The politicians will also be tested for the disease and offered counselling if the results come back positive.

The announcement follows the launch of the Zimbabwe Parliamentarians against HIV and AIDS campaign last week aimed at bringing down the country's 15 per cent HIV infection rate.

All 150 male members of the 175-strong group have all committed to being circumcised, while its female members are encouraging their husbands and boyfriends to undergo the procedure.

Blessing Chebundo, the group's chairman, said ZIPAH members will also disseminate HIV and AIDS information in their constituencies.

He said that many MPs had been against the move because if they did not come forward, it would be speculated that they were infected.

"We are beyond worrying about speculation in Zimbabwe," he said. "We have all been living with this for so long now and it is time we MPs showed the way."

The idea of a mass circumcision of MPs was first floated by the MDC Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe, who cited evidence that circumcised men are 60 per cent less likely to get infected with HIV.

It followed a government campaign in 2010 to circumcise up to 80 per cent of the country's young men - approximately three million people.

At the time, many MPs were unconvinced, describing the idea as "madness" and "bizarre".

Moses Mzila Ndlovu, the Minister of National Healing, told the BBC: "I don't see many takers but I'm not stopping anyone."

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At 5:28 PM , Blogger MrK said...

The MDC idiot Thokozane Khupe opined: "The idea of a mass circumcision of MPs was first floated by the MDC Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe, who cited evidence that circumcised men are 60 per cent less likely to get infected with HIV."

60% less likely to get infected with HIV? I would suggest the words of the JAMA first, before simply parroting whatever her western backers tell her to say.

From the JAMA:

Randomized trials stopped early for benefit: a systematic review.


RCTs stopped early for benefit are becoming more common, often fail to adequately report relevant information about the decision to stop early, and show implausibly large treatment effects, particularly when the number of events is small. These findings suggest clinicians should view the results of such trials with skepticism.


60% less likely to be infected sounds like an 'implausibly large treatment effect', now doesn't it?

At 6:30 AM , Anonymous MrK said...

(NEWZIMBABWE) 90,000 men circumcised this year
10/12/2013 00:00:00
by Agencies

COMMENT - The AID$ Fraud continues. There is absolutely no evidence, whatsoever, that circumcision prevents HIV infection. See here and here. - MrK

CLOSE to 90,000 men have been circumcised so far this year, an official in the ministry of health revealed this week.

The number is still short of the 2013 target of 115,000 but a remarkable increase from 40,755 who underwent the procedure last year, a health official said.

The rise has been attributed to the increase in facilities offering the operation with male circumcision now performed at provincial, district and mission hospitals and stand-alone centres, said AIDS and Tuberculosis Unit director at the Ministry of Health Dr Owen Mugurungi.
At least 87,858 males were circumcised across the country from January to October this year.

"This year’s output marks a significant increase as compared with 2012, when a total of 40,755 males were circumcised," Mugurungi said.

Bulawayo had the highest number of males circumcised with 18 per cent compared with 5.0 per cent in Midlands, Mashonaland Central, and Mashonaland West provinces.

The increase in Bulawayo was a result of various initiatives employed in raising awareness of the advantages of voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC).

Mgurungi said the government would be increasing the number of teams trained to provide VMMC in provinces with low percentages of circumcised males.

The government introduced VMMC as a way of reducing HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases after evidence had demonstrated that circumcision reduced chances of men contracting HIV by 60 per cent.
The government is targeting to circumcise 217,800 people next year and 1.3 million by 2017.

At 1:54 PM , Blogger MrK said...

Who are the circumcision con men, and when will they be brought to justice again?

Mabo wants circumcision con men brought to justice
By Misheck Wangwe in Kitwe
Mon 30 Dec. 2013, 14:00 CAT

MWINILUNGA Male Circumcision coordinator Hagai Mabo has appealed to police to bring to justice a group of men masquerading as service providers from the government after they circumcised a man using a kitchen knife.

A 34-year-old man of Mwinilunga's Kabanda compound whose name has been withheld by police and medical officers for professional reasons almost bled to death on Friday after he was brutally circumcised by four men using a kitchen knife.

The conmen ran way after they noticed that they had failed to stop the man's excessive bleeding.

In an interview yesterday, Mabo said the victim who was in a critical condition the time he was picked from his house around 16:30 hours where he was circumcised from, had since been admitted to hospital and his condition was stable.

"These men are going round communities in Mwinilunga and making men and parents pay for the circumcision of their children. They are charging in some cases K50 and K40. They must be arrested because this is a serious problem and a serious health risk for the people. We have since started sensitisation campaigns and making people understand that there are conmen masquerading as professionals of male circumcision from the Ministry of Health. We are telling people that circumcision must be done at the hospital and it's only at the hospital where it's very safe and it's done at no cost," Mabo said.

Mabo said such culprits must be brought to book as they were endangering the lives of unsuspecting members of the general public through such unprofessional acts.

He further appealed to members of the general public to visit the nearest health centres whenever they want to access male circumcision services.

And police sources in Mwinilunga confirmed the matter had been reported and police were already doing their investigation.


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