Friday, June 15, 2012

American couple's parents thank Sata

American couple's parents thank Sata
By David Chongo in Solwezi
Fri 15 June 2012, 13:23 CAT

THE parents of the American couple that died in a plane accident in Zambezi a week ago say they are touched and humbled by President Michael Sata's decision to declare a day of national mourning for their children.

Chitokoloki Mission Hospital in-charge Gordon Hanna said in a statement that the parents were saddened by the incident that claimed the lives of Jay Erickson, 27 and his wife Katrina, 25, but had been calm and understanding of the tragedy.

"We are very humbled, touched and much in awe of the kindness of President Sata declaring a day of mourning last week. It was very, very kind of him and we thank him most sincerely and continue to be amazed at the kindness, support and willingness to help by the government and many individuals in Zambia," the statement by Katrina's parents, Larry and Doreen Hansfield, and Jay's mother Barbara Erickson read in part.

Jay trained as a pilot and together with his wife and two daughters Marina, 2, and Coral, 1 relocated to Chitokoloki early this year.

The couple died when the mission plane they were flying went down the Zambezi River on Saturday June 2 after it hit a Zesco pylon that runs across the river on their way back from Chavuma Mission Hospital.

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