Friday, June 29, 2012

Don't allow PF to have majority in Parliament - Nevers

Don't allow PF to have majority in Parliament - Nevers
By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone
Fri 29 June 2012, 13:25 CAT

NEVERS Mumba says Zambians should not allow the PF to get an overwhelming majority in parliament. Featuring on Zambezi FM's Boiling Point radio programme yesterday, Mumba, the MMD's president, said PF's numbers in Parliament should be limited "so that they don't wake up and fire judges".

The country is holding parliamentary by-elections in Muchinga, Chama North and Livingstone constituencies on July 5, 2012. He said Zambians will cry if the PF got absolute powers in parliament, further accusing the ruling party of being extreme.

Mumba further said the University of Zambia has started to rapture because the students know that the PF government cannot be trusted.

"We are dealing with a very extreme government, somebody earlier on said arrogant government, we said there are too many ministers from one region in the government. He continues to do the same, you tell the government to respect the Judiciary, and that if you want judicial reforms it is better to do it wholesomely instead of hand-picking a case just because it affects the President of State House is involved in it, but they continue threatening judges. It is a government of extremes and a government of extreme will get extreme reactions from the opposition and people," Mumba said.

He said he has vowed never to insult President Michael Sata but would instead viciously speak against any policies that he felt affected the Zambian people and economy.

"It appears as if the PF is allergic to criticism, I have never seen a political party that is so allergic to criticism like the PF, everyday they say 'don't criticise the government, don't criticise the PF'. If we don't criticise the actions of the government then in whose interest are we serving as leaders of opposition political parties, in whose interest are we speaking as politicians. Our role is to identify the problems of the government and highlight them in the hope that they change," said Mumba.

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