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(NEWZIMBABWE) Challenge global bullies, Mugabe tells NAM

Challenge global bullies, Mugabe tells NAM
31/08/2012 00:00:00
by NewZiana

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Friday slammed the abuse of global institutions by powerful member-states and called on the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) to push for reform of the United Nations and other international institutions to make them more representative.

Mugabe, who was addressing the 16th NAM summit in the Iranian capital, Tehran, said such reforms would curtail selfish abuse not only the UN but also multilateral financial and economic institutions.

The Zimbabwean leader called on NAM member states, which make up two thirds of the United Nations, to use their collective strength to push for changes in global governance.

"As the single largest political group in the General Assembly, we should play a key role in the shaping the framework of global governance for the 21st century. The most fundamental challenge is to reform the United Nations system by bringing it into line with contemporary realities," he said.

"The Security Council has to be more representative, transparent and accountable for the legitimacy of its decisions to be truly acknowledged," Mugabe added.

The current structure of the UN, he said, allowed powerful nations, which he described as "war mongers" to disregard international law in pursuance of selfish strategic interests.

"We have witnessed attempts, at times rather brazen ones, to manipulate people's legitimate demands for democracy, human rights and socio-economic development for purposes of achieving illegal regime change," he said.

After the Libyan crisis, fueled then by western countries leading to the killing of its former leader Muammar Gadaffi, Mugabe said Zimbabwe was gravely concerned with the "unilateralism and military belligerence" by powerful nations.

"With the Libyan experience still fresh in our memories, the signs of military adventurism by the NATO war mongers are all too evident for any of us to ignore," he said, adding that prevailing escalating levels of fighting in Syria, were also due to such interferences by western countries.

[Actually they (Al-Qaeda, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and the Free Syrian Army) are funded, armed, directed, trained and supported by the West. - MrK]

Mugabe said the powerful members of the UN must instead be using their influence to push the opposition in Syria to engage the government to find a solution to the crisis.

He said the forthcoming UN session must discuss the continued disregard of international law by powerful countries.

NAM countries in the UN, Mugabe said, must also fight attempts to abuse the General Assembly as well as reject the imposition of foreign values, especially where there was no consensus.

Turning to the situation between Palestine and Israel, Mugabe said it was again a case of abuse of power by western countries which was perpetuating the situation.

"These are the same members of the United Nations Security Council that have shamelessly protected Israel against any censure as it tramples upon the rights of the Palestine people," he said, while calling on NAM to condemn Israel as well as come up with plans to advance the interests of the Palestinian people. Mugabe said NAM should use its collective strength to direct global affairs.

"Our movement should use this collective strength to guide global affairs towards a new world order that is founded on the principles of justice, equity, sovereign equality of states, self determination, mutual respect, peaceful co-existence and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states and non-aggression and non-interference in the affairs other states," he said.

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