Friday, October 12, 2012

PF will perform beyond expectations - Chumbwe

PF will perform beyond expectations - Chumbwe
By Roy Habaalu
Fri 12 Oct. 2012, 14:00 CAT

LUSAKA Province Patriotic Front chairperson Geoffrey Chumbwe says the ruling party has settled down and is ready to develop Zambia.

And PF Central Province chairman Benson Chali says people had only seen a tip of the iceberg in terms of performance of the ruling party in the one year it has been in office.

The PF marked a year in office on September 22, 2012 after defeating the MMD in last year's general elections.

In an interview, Chumbwe said the party was organising itself and clearing the way for development.

He said the 90-day theory had given direction on how the PF would govern the country.

"There is no way you can build a country like Zambia in 90 days at least we have given direction and people should watch the space and see where we are going. After five years, this country won't be the same again and Zambians will be proud to be called Zambians because the PF is going to perform wonders beyond their expectations," Chumbwe said.

He said under the MMD, Zambia was known as a haven of thieves, adding that at that time, it was embarrassing and humiliating for people to associate themselves with the country.

"When MMD was in power, I went to the United Kingdom and at the airport an old Indian driver gave me a lift and asked me where I was coming from. I said I was from Zambia Then he said 'Oh, you're from that country where you've a president who is a thief'. That was the time when late president Chiluba was appearing in court for corruption offences," he said.

Chumbwe said it might take long for people to appreciate the government's efforts to develop the country because the country had ground to a halt under MMD.

"Even some ministers and permanent secretaries, we still have civil servants who are still MMD; until we are very sure and clear all MMD cobwebs from the system, we can say we are now working but for now we're still cleaning up the mess that the MMD left," Chumbwe said.

He said civil servants retarding the government's progress had been identified and warned that all MMD sympathisers would be dealt with the moment they were discovered.

And Chali said Zambia was set for a turn-around because it had a pro-poor President.

He said President Michael Sata was an experienced leader who wanted to improve the living standards of the poor.

"The difference between Michael and other leaders is that he doesn't look at the higher class but wants to bring the lower class to a level where they feel proud of being Zambians," Chali said.

He said if all people decided to work hard together, Zambia would prosper.
"People should ask themselves - we've made mistakes alright - but what if we gave Rupiah Banda another five years, what would have happened?

We would have been talking about Zambia sold to foreigners but at least today we're there and things are stabilising. So it's just the start of the game. People should expect much more from the government," said Chali in an interview.

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