Thursday, November 01, 2012

Copperbelt MMD cautions Sata against opportunistic politicians

Copperbelt MMD cautions Sata against opportunistic politicians
By Misheck Wangwe in Kitwe
Thu 01 Nov. 2012, 13:59 CAT

MMD on the Copperbelt has advised President Michael Sata to be wary of some opportunistic politicians serving in his government that are preoccupied with the idea of taking over the PF presidency in 2016.

In a statement, MMD Copperbelt information and publicity secretary Yotam Mtayachalo stated that it was unreasonable for some cabinet ministers and senior party officials in the government to begin to campaign for PF party presidency when President Sata had serious issues of national interests that Zambians want him to address between now and 2016 in line with his campaign promises.

"It is not only a dangerous path to embark on but also premature for some ministers in the PF government to preoccupy themselves with President Sata's candidature in 2016," Mtayachalo stated.

He stated that President Sata must be careful with politicians who might only be interested in advancing their narrow personal interest at the expense of the nation.

Mtayachalo stated that President Sata and the PF should not entertain such calls as they had potential to divide the party and result into government failing to deliver in line with its promises because of infighting over presidency for 2016.

"President Sata should be given chance to come and make his personal assessment on the record of his achievements towards the end of his first term on whether to stand or not. Besides, the age factor should not be ruled out because those may be the same people who will be the first to denounce him," Mtayachalo stated.

"l believe President Sata and the PF will be judged according to what they have delivered and not delivered. The PF will not be judged on political rhetoric or the recognition. It is common knowledge that the PF made mountains of election promises based on their manifesto and genuine friends of President Sata must devote their energy in helping him achieve his vision instead of playing old politics of patronage which have cost this country dearly in the past."

He stated that if the situation in the PF was left unchecked, the President might be distracted by such temptations and may shift away from pursuing national interest to consolidate his hold on power by purging potential presidential aspirants and consequently weaken the party the way MMD was weakened in 2001 during the infamous failed Chiluba third term bid which saw the expulsion of prominent personalities from the party.

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