Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PF will accord skilled Zambians chance to serve in govt - Kabimba

PF will accord skilled Zambians chance to serve in govt - Kabimba
By Joseph Mwenda
Tue 27 Nov. 2012, 08:10 CAT

The Patriotic Front will accord every skilled Zambian an opportunity to serve in government, says party secretary general Wynter Kabimba.

Speaking when he officiated at the wedding reception of Choombwa Chilikwela and Twivwa Namugala at Mulungushi Club on Saturday night, Kabimba said no Zambian would be sidelined, saying this was part of the government's inclusiveness policy.

"Every Zambian with brains and skill will be given an opportunity to serve in this government and contribute to national development. No one will be sidelined," he said.

Kabimba said the PF and its government would always support the family as an institution, which he described as "a small but integral unit that forms up a nation".

"Development starts from a family level because a family is a unit that forms the whole nation, so if we have strong, united families all of us, it is easy to develop a nation," Kabimba said.

He said the West had lost its cultural virtues because it let go of extended families.

And Kabimba spiced up the wedding reception with his jokes when he told the audience that PF youths should endeavour to marry within the party and not stray to the opposition.

"When I was informed that Choombwa had found a woman to marry in the (Mafinga MMD MP Catherine) Namugala family, I said 'are you telling me you couldn't find a woman within PF?' But he said 'Uncle don't you support interparty dialogue?' Then I said 'well, there you are right'. But I want to encourage you youths who are not married, please marry within PF, not the opposition. It makes the atmosphere easy in the house," he said as family members from both sides burst into laughter.

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