Thursday, November 08, 2012

Those aspiring to be leaders should have respect - SACCORD

Those aspiring to be leaders should have respect - SACCORD
By Moses Kuwema
Thu 08 Nov. 2012, 14:00 CAT

SACCORD says those who aspire for leadership positions should be humble and have respect for the people. Commenting on President Michael Sata's advice to PF candidate in today's parliamentary by-election in Mufumbwe, Stephen Masumba, to be humble and have respect for the people if he wants to be a good leader, Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) information officer Obby Chibuluma said the advice was timely as it reflected partially on what was going on in the country among leaders.

"I think be it in the opposition or those in government, including actually some people even in church, some of them feel they are too big for the people that they lead and want to assume the position of being worshipped by those that they lead, which we find not to be the correct way of approaching leadership. Leadership must be seen to be some elevation or some recognition that the people give you in order for you to lead them," he said.

Chibuluma said SACCORD would like to see to it that those who are given positions of leadership are humble.

"They must treat that recognition leadership with respect as well as try to lead the people that give them that opportunity with the best of their abilities. They should be sincere, they should be open, they should always be consultative, and always remain mindful that being a leader does not mean that you are the best of all the people in that given place, rather the people have recognised that there can only be one leader at a time and you happen to be one that they happen to entrust their authority with," he said.

Chibuluma said those holding leadership positions in government should always remember that they were not the best but were, rather, the favoured ones by the people at that given time.

"I think we have seen this even among the people that are in government now, some of them are so pompous, too bossy and it is important that they heed the president's advice. Some of them might not hold those positions like the president does, for him at least he was elected and has a mandate, but for some of them they hold those positions because they were appointed so at the end of the day everyone has to remain humble," said Chibuluma.

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