Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Collum miners blame their bosses for colleague's death

Collum miners blame their bosses for colleague's death
By Moses Kuwema
Mon 17 Dec. 2012, 09:00 CAT

ONE miner has died at Collum Coal Mine in Sinazeze after stored coal allegedly fell on him. According to highly-placed sources at the mine who sought anonymity, the miner, identified as Gift Kayumba, died around 18:00 hours on Friday.

"The accident happened around 18:00 hours because of lack of proper supervision. What happened was that this Chinese supervisor, Mr Zoom, forced Gift to go into the storage alone.

In the storage, most of the time the coal is usually full and it is very dangerous to enter the place alone and it was during this time that he was working alone that the coal fell on him and he died," the source said.

The source said the workers at the mine were blaming their Chinese bosses for Kayumba's death.

"The former mine manager Mr Brian Kashimu was trying to bring order at the mine but the Chinese bosses decided to terminate his contract. We are asking the government to bring back Mr Kashimu because these Chinese supervisors we have are very stubborn and they need someone who is tough like Mr Kashimu," the sources said.

The sources said the workers were not happy with the happenings at the mine. Sinazeze police officer-in-charge Samuel Mwenya confirmed the accident.

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