Friday, December 14, 2012

MMD has lost direction - Namulambe

MMD has lost direction - Namulambe
By Moses Kuwema
Fri 14 Dec. 2012, 14:00 CAT

FORMER MMD chairman for elections Gabriel Namulambe yesterday questioned the source of funding for Nevers Mumba's 'mansion' in Kabulonga.

Announcing his resignation from MMD to join PF at the PF secretariat yesterday, Namulambe, who is also former member of parliament for Mpongwe, said there were issues that were being raised concerning the rentals for Mumba's house.

"Who is paying for it? Whether it is money which belongs to the party, I don't know where that money is coming from because I am told that house is being rented in dollars. We don't know who is responsible for paying because we know that Mumba may not have the capacity to pay for that.

I take it since there is no declaration for whatever is raised, I think those monies are coming from what is being raised for the party. I don't want to be part and parcel of doing the wrong at the expense of the poor members who would want to be given direction," said Namulambe.

Efforts to get Mumba to comment on Namulambe's allegations failed as he was reported to be on the road. Those who answered his mobile phone said Mumba was in a meeting.

According to records, Mumba proposed K62.6 million monthly expenditure for his personal emolument and operations of the MMD president's office.
According to a letter dated August 7, 2012 and copied to then MMD chairman Michael Mabenga, Mumba submitted to NEC K25 million for personal allowances/entertainment and 500 litres of fuel at K4.1 million, while K12 million was to be paid as accommodation allowance every month.

Two bodyguards would accrue the monthly earning of K10 million with K7 million going to office operations, while a driver was to be paid K2.5 million. The maid and gardener would be paid K1.2 million and K800,000 monthly, respectively.
And Namulambe said MMD had lost direction under Mumba.

He said the MMD was becoming undemocratic within its structures and that was because of the dictatorial tendencies that had been exhibited by Mumba.
"I am doing this with the total conviction of my heart not that I have been persuaded by anybody," he said.

He said he was also displeased with the manner that Major Richard Kachingwe was hounded from the party secretariat. Namulambe said he told Mumba that the action that was taken was wrong and demanded a full NEC meeting, but that the party went ahead to appoint Kapembwa Simbao as acting national secretary using a kangaroo National Executive Committee.
"Our party has lost direction in the sense that there is too much pettiness," he said.

And Namulambe said the recent revelations about the MMD owing the Bank of Zambia were true.
He said the matter of the debt came up even during late president Levy Mwanawasa's reign but that the former president sought for justification on how the money was used.

"The party borrowed, it does not matter who was in the office that time when the money was borrowed but the fact is that the MMD borrowed the funds. You cannot say that the party does not owe BoZ that kind of money and on the other hand you state that the money was borrowed at the time when other people were in office. The fact still remains that the party as an entity owes," he said.

Namulambe said the MMD should honour the debt that was gotten in its name.
He said he was foreseeing a situation where the MMD would be declared bankrupt because of its failure to raise the funds it owes.

"As at now, the steady income of the party is the contribution from members of parliament. If you look at these contributions and the K4 billion, I don't know when it will be paid. The best we can do about such issues is to sit down and negotiate with the government," he said.

He said the MMD was putting reasonable people like Situmbeko Musokotwane, Dr Brian Chituwo and Felix Mutati in a very awkward position.
Namulambe said the party constitution prescribes that party funds that are mobilised should be declared, but that this had not been the case since Mumba became president.

Meanwhile, Namulambe said he has not been bought by the PF but that he just wanted to take development to Copperbelt rural which he said had never been in the opposition.

"I was approached to take up a position of deputy minister but I declined, saying I was okay. But with the way I am seeing things, the MMD is sinking. The best for me is not to seek for a position of minister or what but to become a member of the ruling party to avoid people speculating that I am crossing the floor because I want to take up the position of deputy minister," he said.

And PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba challenged PF members that had divided loyalty to follow Namulambe's step by resigning from the party.
Kabimba said Namulambe had made a decision of resigning from the MMD instead of betraying the party and pretending to be in the party.

"There are people in our party that think they can belong to two political parties; PF and other parties. We shall not allow that. If you are man and woman enough, follow the principle of Namulambe. We care about PF because the death of this party is your death and my death. It is for this reason that we shall not allow anybody in this party that is going to act in a treacherous manner," he said.

And Kabimba has called on PF members to guard against the party being hijacked by outsiders.

"When you have an organisation that has been hijacked by visitors, then you have a problem. Let us all learn the mistakes that MMD has made. MMD is dead today because the leadership of that party was given to people that had come in without a vision for the party. Mumba came into MMD and took up leadership from outside and does not care whether the party survives or not," he said.
Kabimba also appealed to other MMD members that had remained to follow Namulambe.

Namulambe resigned together with MMD Mpongwe district chairman Silas Ngowani, his district party secretary Christopher Chilangwa and former Mpongwe district commissioner, Rasford Bulaya.
The briefing was also attended by PF chairperson for elections Sylvia Masebo, community development deputy minister Dorothy Kazunga and PF Lusaka Province chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe.

MMD vice-president Michael Kaingu said he was out of town and could not comment.
MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya's phone went unanswered while those of party chairman Kabinga Pande were off, including that of Dr Brian Chituwo.

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