Friday, December 28, 2012

MMD suspect Mbulakulima of being PF

MMD suspect Mbulakulima of being PF
By Moses Kuwema
Thu 27 Dec. 2012, 12:10 CAT

THE MMD leadership is suspects their national treasurer Mwansa Mbulakulima of being PF because of his close relationship with the party's former chairman for elections Gabriel Namulambe.

But Mbulakulima says such tactics would not help the former ruling party, adding that it is not a crime for him to be friends with Namulambe. According to sources within the party, Mbulakulima is being suspected of trying to cross over to the PF.

"There are people within the NEC who are being told they are PF because they are friends with Namulambe, and Mbulakulima is one of them," the sources said.
But when contacted, Mbulakulima said such tactics would not help the MMD.
"I don't think those tactics will be helpful. If you belong to PF, it will show and in some cases, it has even shown. You can hide for some time but it will definitely show. I want to believe that the people in MMD are careful enough and will not fall for that," Mbulakulima said.

He said there was nothing wrong with people being friends even when they belonged to different political parties.
"Being friends when you belong to different political parties is not a crime. Definitely you cannot disown a friend by virtue of their political party. There must be co-existence," he said.

On the defections of the MMD leaders in Luapula Province to the PF, Mbulakulima, who is the only member of parliament from the opposition in the province, said the MMD was still intact and they would move on.
"How genuine are the defections from Luapula because you colleagues from the media were reporting that the entire leadership has resigned.

That is an exaggeration. Out of the provincial executive members, only five have defected. If it was the other way round, then we would have said almost the entire. The leadership is there so that must be clarified…19 where are they? How many district chairmen and women have gone if you are talking about the entire leadership? Most of them are intact," said Mbulakulima.

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