Saturday, December 08, 2012

Nevers pleads with Andeleki

Nevers pleads with Andeleki
By Tilyenji Mwanza and Kombe Chimpinde
Sat 08 Dec. 2012, 12:00 CAT

MMD president Nevers Mumba yesterday pleaded with Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki not to be hard on the opposition party. And Mumba says the decision to appoint Kapembwa Simbao as party national secretary is final.

Sources disclosed yesterday that Mumba complained to Andeleki during their meeting that the latter, as Registrar of Societies, was taking sides over the issues in MMD. According to sources, Mumba told Andeleki that he was making his presidency difficult.

"Ba Mumba pleaded with Andeleki that there was no need to be hard on him and the party. He said Andeleki was siding with Major Kachingwe. Mumba told Andeleki that even over the dual membership, he should have just called him so that they sit down and resolve the matter instead of rushing to the press. He told Andeleki that he was no longer Reform Party president and if he called him, he would have explained to him what happened," said the sources.

The sources said Mumba told Andeleki that there was need to find a way of working together. The sources said Andeleki told him he was merely following the law on the deregistration of MMD.

According to the sources, Andeleki told Mumba that he could not comment on the dual presidency because the matter was in court.

Mumba arrived at the Registrar's office after 10:00 hours and refused to come out of his vehicle until Andeleki was made available to him.
Mumba did not wait long in his vehicle as Andeleki went and told him his offices were open to the public.

Andeleki dismissed journalists from being part of the meeting and was locked in a meeting with Mumba for almost an hour.

Addressing journalists after meeting Andeleki, Mumba disclosed that MMD had paid all its debts to the Registrar.

"I'm glad to say the balance has been paid and I want to assure our members that there is nothing to worry about. I want to assure them that its leadership have cleared its outstanding bill," said Mumba.

And Mumba said issues surrounding the appointment of Simbao were closed.

"We cannot go back into discussing that issue at this forum. The decision was made and we shall go by it; it is a dead and closed matter," Mumba said.

"NEC made a decision. We are moving forward. We are not moving backwards. We cannot go back into discussing that issue."

On Thursday, MMD chairperson for elections Gabriel Namulambe said the appointment of Simbao as national secretary was erroneous.

Namulambe demanded a full NEC meeting to discuss the expulsion of Maj Richard Kachingwe and Mumba's dual presidency.

And Namulambe has accused senior party members questioning his visit to State House of intimidating him.

In an interview, Namulambe, who is also Mpongwe MMD member of parliament, said there was nothing wrong in MMD members going to State House to see President Michael Sata.

"I went to see the President to discuss the issues of Mpongwe-Machiya road. The party president is aware about it because I told him that I will be going to see the President. The party chairman is aware that I was going to see the President. I didn't hide. I told them they are all aware," he said.

"There is nothing secret about it. It was purely developmental. The truth of the matter is that I went to State House at 10:00 hours yesterday Thursday. I managed to meet the President."

Asked on whether he would write a report on his visit to State House when requested to do so by the party leadership, Namulambe said he would ask them to put the request in writing instead.

"In the first place, there is nothing wrong in any person seeing the President. The fact is that the party officials, I had informed them that I was going to see the President. What is wrong? I am not disputing. I went to see him," said Namulambe.

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