Friday, December 21, 2012

Opposition plan joint rally

Opposition plan joint rally
By Kombe Chimpinde
Thu 20 Dec. 2012, 07:50 CAT

FIVE opposition political parties have notified the police of their plan to hold a joint political rally in Lusaka's Mtendere township.

But Lusaka Province police commissioner Joyce Kasosa says the rally should not go ahead because she has not received any instruction from the Inspector General of Police, to whom the letter was addressed.

According to the letter of notification to the Inspector General of Police, Stella Libongani, dated December 14, 2012, the leaders from UPND, MMD, ULP, ADD and ZDDM, would address the people of Zambia on the political situation in the country particularly after the arrest of four members of parliament on the Copperbelt and MMD leader Nevers Mumba.

The matter in which the members of parliament and Mumba were cited for unlawful association is in court.

Several other economic issues such as commodity shortages would also be addressed at the rally, according to their letter signed by all the secretary-generals of the five political parties.

"In terms of the public order Act of the laws of Zambia this notification is adequate in maintaining law and order before, during and after the public rally as stated," the letter stated.
But Kasosa said that the rally must not take place until the political parties hear from the police.

"We have to cover them so, if they don't hear from us, they can't go ahead. That is the procedure. Right now I have not received anything from the Inspector General's office," said Kasosa.

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