Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Show love, compassion this Christmas - Sata

Show love, compassion this Christmas - Sata
By Masuzyo Chakwe and Moses Kuwema
Tue 25 Dec. 2012, 12:00 CAT

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has urged Zambians to show love, compassion and care to one another, especially to the needy this Christmas.

In his Christmas message, President Sata said although Christmas was mainly a period for celebrations and family get-togethers, people must find time to thank God and reflect on the purpose of Christmas.

"I wish you all my dear beloved compatriots a merry Christmas and we pray that this will be a memorable day to us all. We should be persistently inspired by the life and deeds of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And during this period, let us all endeavour to extend goodwill, love, compassion and care to each other, especially to those who are disadvantaged or less privileged than ourselves," he said in a statement issued by his special assistant for press and public relations George Chellah.

President Sata further urged Zambians to use this period as an opportunity for reconciliation and service to others and more importantly give assurance and hope to one another.

"This is the time to reflect with pride and satisfaction that despite our different political persuasions, we have allowed a peaceful atmosphere to prevail in our country. This is how it should be and I implore all leaders to ensure that this status quo is upheld," he said.

President Sata further counselled Zambians to avoid over indulgence in order to minimise fatalities and human suffering during this festive period.
"Let us all conduct ourselves in a responsible manner and desist from behaviours that will endanger our lives and those of others.

Zambia needs all of us and I therefore, urge all road users to observe traffic rules," he said.

President Sata also directed police and other law enforcement agencies to strictly enforce law and order in the country as well as ensure that there is sanity on the roads during the festive period.

Meanwhile, first lady Dr Christine Kaseba has urged parents not to overspend during this festival season.

Speaking to journalists during a Christmas party for children at State House yesterday, which coincided with her birthday, Dr Kaseba said the new year comes with responsibilities of school fees.

"With the new year comes school fees, so please do not overspend. Keep some money for schools and above all learn to love one another. Live in unity, share and spread love to your neighbours, friends, partners. Let love flow through this period," she said.

Dr Kaseba urged Zambians to remember to put God at the centre of the celebrations.

"Be very careful, do not drink too much," she said.

On the children's party, Dr Kaseba said she wanted to use the opportunity to open up the love and preach the word of God to the children in vulnerable homes to make them feel they were not alone.

"We just wanted them to mingle regardless of their statue, whether they are disabled, whether they are able bodied and whether they are in need. They need to know that in God's eyes we are one," said Dr Kaseba.

During the same celebrations, 10-year-old Vanessa Mwale from All Saints Anglican Church in Kafue called on President Sata who attended the party, to be inviting the children at State House to be discussing issues of national development.

Vanessa also hoped the children in villages could be accorded the same privilege of visiting State House.

In response, President Sata said next time, he would invite the children for necessary development.

"I am told there are very few orphans here. We orphans we know how to survive. I think next time we will invite you for your friends' birthday party, he is not here now. We shall invite you for necessary development," said President Sata.

The children presented Dr Kaseba with gifts for her birthday.

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