Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TIZ not satisfied with action on corruption

TIZ not satisfied with action on corruption
By Cynthia Phiri in Choma
Tue 11 Dec. 2012, 12:00 CAT

TRANSPARECY International Zambia says the political will exhibited by the government in combating corruption in private and public institutions has not been matched with the much-needed comprehensive action plan.

During the commemoration of the International Anti-Corruption Day in Choma on Sunday, TIZ finance administration manager Isaac Mundia said his organisation's assertion is that during the Patriotic Front's rule, there has been positive energy channeled towards the fight against corruption, adding that there were still a few visible hiccups that require extreme attention from all stakeholders.

"There has been some high level commitment from the Republican President exhibited through political will to combating corruption both in the private and public sector. It is therefore our submission that the exhibited political will has not been matched with the much needed comprehensive action plan," he said.

Mundia said TIZ believed that the political will
provided by the head of state should not just mean mere rhetoric but should translate into tangible and visible action.
He further said that the reintroduction of the Abuse of Office clause in the Anti-Corruption Act which was removed by the MMD government is one of the important landmarks that has and will continue pushing the fight against corruption in the right direction.

"We as Transparency International Zambia put our weight behind such a gesture that is aimed at safeguarding public resources. We believe that the reintroduction of the abuse of office clause through the Anti-corruption Bill will enhance the fight against corruption in the country," he said.

Mundia, however, said TIZ was worried that the current government's handling of the procurement processes does not seem any different with the past processes which were influenced by the partisan political interests.

"We have noted serious concern on the lack of full disclosures on the part of government on how the decisions have been made in these procurements to ensure public confidence, transparency and accountability in procurement are considered the most effective deterrents to corruption," explained Mundia.

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